Weekly Paper: Peanut Stars & Lunch Beard

newsbDid you know that I just got distracted by the shiny, full moon outside my window while typing that last sentence and started looking up what phase the moon is at tonight (waxing gibbous) and started thinking about books that have the moon on their covers (The Last WerewolfNot Your Ordinary Wolf Girl)? No? Well, there’s more of that to come with the Weekly Paper, which entails me sharing more weird interesting tidbits about myself and my life, and anything book- and paper-related in the news and in other bloggers’ blogs I’ve found by the end of the week. This feature is inspired by Sarah Dessen‘s Friday Five as well as Lesley‘s The Sunday Five… thanks, ladies!

1. Weird Thing I’ve Been Doing: I eat peanut butter right out of the jar. Apparently some people don’t do that? I usually don’t do it that often, but this past week I’ve been eating roughly three spoonfuls a day, partly because there’s no food in the house and I’m too lazy to go grocery shopping, and partly because I have exams next week and I need brain food. My friend sent me a news article about how eating PB is good for my breasts (and I obviously had to go back and find the original article so that I know people aren’t making this stuff up), but unfortunately, the study looked at girls between the ages of 9 – 15, and I don’t think I ate this much PB back then… sigh. It would’ve been a good excuse for my over-consumption of PB.

2. Most Excited About: National Geographic celebrating its 125th year! When I was younger, I would go with my parents to our local library’s annual book sales, and we’d always haul back boxes and boxes full of old National Geographic issues. I loved looking at the glossy photos of foxes, stars, sea creatures, and people from all over the world, and over the years – when I began to actually read them – I appreciated learning about the interactions between nature and mankind. I give partial credit to National Geographic for my being in science today.

3. Favorite Book Blog Post: Asti‘s post on whether or not book blogs should have book reviews. I agree with her point that for book lovers, there are more to book blogs than just reviews – her blog is a great example of this, since she posts about a wide variety of bookish things, from thoughts about books to book-related art and news. But book bloggers who want to post reviews are just fine too, since I think we should post what we want to share on the blogosphere and not be pressured by others to post in a certain way.

4. What I Learned in Grad School: Someone told me that I started grad school at a bad time, since most of the seminars and talks don’t provide lunches or food anymore because of the sequestration and decrease in funding (even though I scored two free lunches this week… I must be a food ninja!). But hey, at least the shutdown is over now! One of my favorite comics says it best:

5. What a Coincidence: Patrick Rothfuss (author of The Kingkiller Chronicle series and winner of best hair-beard combo in my books) got on Twitter the day before I did! And what’s more, he’s turning it into a gamesix Twitter accounts have been created, and whoever is deemed the “real” Pat Rothfuss gets money towards their preferred charity. So, uh, I’ll be leaving that six-Twitter-accounts-window open while I study… that won’t be a distraction, will it?


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