Weekly Paper: Speedy Fans & Lighthouse Food

newsbThis week has been hectic and not too fun because I had three finals. And I also have a midterm next week. WHUT, you ask? I can only shrug helplessly and accept that my professors are having a field day watching us all squirm like insects. (Or pigs. Pigs squirm, right?) I’m also concerned that I might fail a class, since the final was worth 100% of my grade, so we’ll see… ANYWAY, I haven’t done much pleasure reading this week since I’ve been busy, so I can’twaitcan’twaitcan’twait to get back to my books! I’m also SUPER EXCITED for Sci-Fi Month next week!!! But here are some snapshots of my life this week…

1. First Experience of: Listening and watching lecture videos at 1.5x to 2x the speed. Life makes sense now! Why didn’t I do this in undergrad? Somehow my brain understands the material better when it’s faster. BUT it’s bad because now I have an excuse not to go to class… ugh.

2. Most Excited About: The new Calvin & Hobbes documentary coming out on November 15!!! Any other Calvin & Hobbes fans out there?

3. Favorite Quote of the Week:

Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.

— Anne Lamott

4. What I See in Grad School: Slips of paper taped to the common area fridge that read, “I’m watching you,” “This area is monitored,” and “Do not remove food that is not yours!” Geez, paranoid much? (I secretly want to do this to my fridge too. Food surveillance!)

5. Suddenly Realizing That: If I find three new books every week for Friday Finds and I do this for a whole year, I will end up adding 156 books to my TBR list. THIS MADNESS STOPS NOW. (Aka I’ll be cutting down on my Friday Finds until I get my TBR list under control.)

How has your week been? (Hopefully better and more bookish than mine!)

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