Monthly Paper: October in a Nutshell

It’s been a little over a month since I started book blogging! I’m very happy that I got so many breathers in this month – it’s all thanks to Marie’s 3rd Annual Spooktacular Paranormal Reading Challenge, and I hope I can participate in the challenge again next year. My to-read list for October fluctuated so much though, since I kept finding new books to read or digging up old books that I haven’t read yet. I feel like I’m spending the majority of my grad school stipend on books, but is it my fault that one textbook is the same price as ten novels?? Anyone in their right mind would’ve gone for the novels. (And this is why I fail at school.) But anyway, here’s my October in a nutshell…

Reviews of the Month
 9306975 16006117 17286817 6696602 12578305 12844699 3588137 6654313

Breathers Taken: 9
Page Count: 3,080
Days Agonizing About What to Read Next: too many!

Papers of the Month
Peanut Stars & Lunch Beard (10/19)
Speedy Fans & Lighthouse Food (10/26)

What’s Up, November?

This month I’m introducing The Schedule! I need some consistency in my life, and this is it – I’ll be picking books from two different categories this month to review: Believe in Tuesday and Truth About Thursday.

Because Tuesday is magic; here’s to many more fantasy, sci-fi, and paranormal reads this month! Thursdays are non-fictions galore, with popular psychology, memoirs, science, and history… and poetry, too! I chose these two types of books mainly because it’s Sci-Fi Month (hosted by Rinn) and Nonfiction November (hosted by Lu and Kim)! Since I had a difficult time choosing between the two themes – it’s like trying to pick who my favorite child is! – I’ve decided to do both. Hopefully more discussion topics will show up on my blog in the process, since thinking about bookish things is just as fun as reading books.

And finally, thank you for reading Paper Breathers – I hope you’re enjoying your stay! How was your October? Do you have any reading or bookish plans for November?


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