Stressed Out about Free E-Books

I have this problem with free e-books. For Halloween, Pulseit made three horror/zombie/scary books available for free for a day or two, and I was giddy over the fact that these were FREE BOOKS OMG THEY’RE FREE! But then I inconveniently remembered that I don’t actually like horror books, and that if I saw these books at the bookstore, I would never pick them up because they either have scary-looking covers or dust jacket summaries that just don’t interest me. (Yes, Jenny Pox made it past my double-defenses!) And since these books are only available for such short periods of time, I feel like I’m forcing myself to prioritize them on my reading list, even when I’m not in the mood for certain books.

I have the same problem when I go on Amazon in that I’ll go crazy downloading all the free books. Most times I never even open them, and the worst case scenario is that I end up forgetting about them for long periods of time before I dig up my Amazon collection again. I have better luck with books I find from Project Gutenberg, but again, they mostly just sit there taking up space on my harddrive. And there are a gazillion other sources for free e-books on the Internet that just blow my mind because there are so many books and not enough time to read everything!

So I’m going to tell myself to not get free books just because they’re free. Free books are just like books from the library or from the bookstore, and I should only get them if I actually WANT to read them… not because I don’t need to pay for them.

Do you read free e-books, and do you get stressed out like I do over them? How do you cope with the stress?


8 thoughts on “Stressed Out about Free E-Books

  1. I have downloaded a LOT of free e-books, and I have probably read only less than 10% of them or so. And yes, I tend to think of them a lot. I feel like I’ll never be able to read any of them. Months ago I would just download whatever, but now, I’m being more picky with what I get. And I have been avoiding sites that make me download so much. Haha

    • YES! I do the same thing, Francine! Sometimes I just like looking at all the books I gathered, and I have trouble actually opening them. I’m trying to avoid those book sites too, but it’s a gazillion times harder to try to avoid Amazon; I’d be shopping for a laundry basket, and BAM, free books. Sigh.

  2. YES! Free e-books are very much an ‘ohmygod’ kind of thing. I went a bit crazy with them when I first got my e-reader, but luckily I have calmed down a lot since then and sometimes will even refuse to “buy” the older books that are always free even if I’m interested in them because of how wonky I have noticed the formatting can be and will instead pay for one that I know will be better. But I do still have lapses in judgment sometime where I’m just like ‘whoa…’ afterward XD

    • Uh-oh, I don’t have an e-reader and I’m already going crazy with the free books. :S That’s a good call on the older books – I’ve been lucky (or unlucky?) thus far with getting books that are formatted nicely. AHHH, we really need a Readers Anonymous group… this free e-books addiction is getting out of hand!

  3. When I bought my Kindle, I went crazy and downloaded ALLLL the free books. It was silly. I’ve probably only read a handful. I keep them in my archive now (and no longer download them). I just keep a category for classics.

    • Ahhh free books are so enticing, right?? I wish I had your self-control, haha. Hopefully my need to download anything and everything free will die down over time…

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