Weekly Paper: Barbie Balloon & Proton Exterminator


I’m sorry for being one day late for my weekly paper! I didn’t have Internet this weekend until today, and with Sci-Fi Month and Nonfiction November both underway, I have so much to read now in terms of books and blog posts. I’m a bit overwhelmed, but still very excited!

1. Non-fiction Non-bookish Fact About Myself: I love poetry slams. There’s something about spoken word poetry that just gives me goosebumps, and I love how the rhythms and intonations and poem structures are completely different depending on the poet, and I love how passionate and energizing and quirky spoken word can turn out to be, and I love the snaps and the emotions and the wordplay, and I can go on forever if I had both time and your attention, haha. But I’ll probably end up writing a post about poetry slams, so I’ll just stop here and leave you with some of my favorite slam videos: Sarah Kay’s Hands, Rafael Casal’s Barbie & Ken, and Shihan’s This Type Love.

2. Non-fiction Bookish Fact About Myself: I got lost in a book once. When I was in fifth grade, I was so absorbed in reading a book during one of our reading periods that I could actually feel myself in the book (in a hot air balloon overlooking a house, specifically), and I snapped out of it to find that all the other kids were lining up at the door to go off to our next class. I’ve been trying to throw myself that deep into a book ever since, but it’s never happened so far. I also don’t remember the book that I was reading, which kind of sucks.

3. Favorite Show that I’m So Behind On: The Big Bang Theory! I haven’t had time to watch any of the episodes in Season 7 so far, and I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M MISSING OUT ON PROFESSOR PROTON AND BILL NYE. Arghhh. Well, to be honest, I would choose reading a book over watching TV any day of the week unless I have a long break, so I probably won’t get to watching TBBT until Thanksgiving or Christmas… sigh.

4. Piece of Technology I Wish Exists: Wide-range selection-specific exterminator for either (or both) bad people and insects. I had this idea when I was younger that it would be really nice to select, for example, all the cockroaches in the house (kind of like the “find all” feature on word processors), and get rid of them all just by pressing “delete.” And then I thought that it would be more useful for society if criminals can be eliminated in the same fashion.

5. Nerdy Temptation: To write out the physiological motions of common emotional behaviors instead of the actions themselves. Sigh long-drawn, deep inhale then short forceful exhale. But no, because you’d probably cry inhale followed by short convulsive exhales if I keep doing this. (I’ll just do it in my head. #nerdforever)


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