Weekly Paper (5)


Hmm, I think I’m running out of steam for these Weekly Papers. Partly because my life just isn’t that interesting (unless you count the massive amounts of peanut butter that I eat, but even that gets boring after the third rant), and I feel like it needs to be more bookish, at least for now. So in shifting gears to less life and more news, I’m going to try making lists of my posts as well as other book bloggers’ posts and book news for the week. I would never say no to more lists, but I want to apologize for the switch-up; please bear with me for the next few months as I struggle to put my big blogger pants on. insert Huggies’ “I’m a big kid now!” commercial here The book review schedule won’t change, although I might occasionally miss a week or two due to Real Life, but I’m still seeing what works for me in terms of non-review posts.

Sophiesphere / My posts for the week.

  1. For Nonfiction November, I recommended environmental health non-fiction reads needed to become an expert in the field. (Uh, that’s my only post this week. I’ll do better next week, I promise!)

Blogosphere / Posts that caught my eye in the book blogging world.

  1. William at Two weeks from everywhere wrote a tribute to Douglas Adams.
  2. Rinn at Rinn Reads detailed the history of science fiction.
  3. Christine at Readerly Musings mused about what books to review.
  4. Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness rounded up posts on non-fiction books you need to read to become an expert in certain topic areas.

Papersphere / The catch-all for all other paper or book-related news I found interesting.

  1. There’s going to be a new reality show for writers in Italy! Here are some potential reality shows about writing… “America’s Next Top Author”, anyone?
  2. Google’s book-scanning program has been officially deemed legal, after eight years of battling with the Authors Guild on copyright issues.
  3. Short and slightly sexual post on the Grammarly blog about how famous writers like to “do it” (writing, duh!).
  4. USPS is coming out with Harry Potter stamps!
  5. Belgian university professors found that some popular library books tested positive for cocaine and herpes. I’m stuck between going “ewwww” and “can that be my dissertation project?”

How was your week? Did you find anything interesting in your self/blog/paperspheres that you want to share? Let me know!


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