Monthly Paper: November Recap

Another month, another empty peanut butter jar. Man, how did November go by so fast? It’s been a busy month for me real-life-wise, so I haven’t been reading as much as I did in October. (Wait, reading books, that is – I’ve done a lot of reading for school, but those don’t count as breathers!) But I was happy that I got to participate in Sci-Fi Month and Nonfiction November shenanigans hosted by some amazing book bloggers, and I started my second challenge: Sci-fi November Bingo Challenge! Coolest bingo board ever. Still not finished. Gah. Chances of me blacking out the entire board? Zip. But that’s okay! I should finish it by next November, right? . . . Right?

Reviews of the Month
8100267 6289283 177945 49436 12400425
Breathers Taken: 5
Page Count: 1,984

Papers of the Month
In which I country-ed it out, gushed over poetry slams, found my dissertation project (not!), snickered at new words in the dictionary, and gushed over poetry slams again.

Thoughts & Lists of the Month
I stressed out about free e-books, talked about my favorite non-fiction books, collected a bunch of environmental health-related non-fiction, and remarked on the emergence of non-fiction in English classes.

What’s Up, December?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy it’s December! This is by far my favorite month of the year, and I think I get high off of all the shiny holiday decorations and the snow and pretty scarves and Christmas music.

My schedule this month includes book reviews on the following days: The Case of the Missing Monday (Mystery / Thriller), Do You Believe in Tuesday? (Science Fiction / Fantasy), and It’s Always Sunny on Sunday (Chick Lit / Romance / Contemporary). I’m excited to shift gears and read something different!

How was your November? Do you have any bookish plans for December?


2 thoughts on “Monthly Paper: November Recap

    • Yes, this happens to me constantly! Real life just gets in the way, haha. But I think listing books to read is still helpful, since having reading plans make me more on-track than not having it all planned out. 🙂 Good luck with your bookish plans for December!

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