Weekly Paper (9)


I didn’t even realize it was Friday the thirteenth yesterday, which happens every Friday the thirteenth. ONE MORE WEEK OF EXAMS AND HELL UNTIL I’M HOME! For some reason, I get homesick more often now in grad school than I did in college. Maybe it’s because most of my friends are in different parts of the world now and I feel lonely and grown up and I don’t want to grow up... but I know that once I get home, I’ll be itching to get back to school again. This happens every time. ANYWAY, hope y’all are spending more time relaxing and eating as the year starts to wind down!

Sophiesphere / My posts for the week.

  1. I ranted about reviewed The Vow by Jessica Martinez, which touched on several social and economic issues and was utterly heartwrenching.
  2. I reviewed an oldie but a goodie, The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lilian Jackson Braun. And then I went and tweeted about how all stories should feature cats, because cats make everything better.
  3. I reviewed The Clockwork Scarab by Colleen Gleason, which didn’t appeal to me despite the cool concepts behind it.
  4. I talked about this problem I have with my books. Merp.

Blogosphere / Posts that caught my eye in the book blogging world.

  1. Bree @ Coffee Bean Bookshelf shared her opinion on book formats.
  2. Christine @ Readerly Musings asked if you prefer third-person or first-person narratives in books.
  3. Katie @ Doing Dewey discussed the pros and cons of different memes.

Papersphere / The catch-all for all other paper or book-related news I found interesting.

  1. A flow chart of YA books for all ages, with a lil’ bit of everything.
  2. Digital errors in Google Books are now being obsessively documented by netizens.
  3. Five Canadian books to read before March in preparation for the Canada Reads 2014 debate.
  4. Norway has a law that requires all library books to be digitized.
  5. NPR’s 200+ great reads of 2013 (and why they didn’t make a best-of list).
  6. Penguin Teen’s Christmas book tree. I want one!
  7. The New York Times’ 100 Notable Books of 2013.
  8. Twelve social media accounts that have turned into books.
  9. UM WHAT Maggie Stiefvater has a companion book to the Shiver trilogy coming out in July 2014??!!! OMG BRB HYPERVENTILATING. (So is this a quartet now, or can this be a new trilogy?)

How was your week? Did you find anything interesting in your self/blog/paperspheres that you want to share? Let me know!

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