Mini Reviews: Merry and Bright & Snowbound with the CEO

What’s winter without a few holiday romances? I have moments when I don’t want to think but just want a feel-good read, and that’s when I turn to reading romance novels that focus on chemistry instead of actual feelings. (Everyone’s allowed to read trashy books to simply enjoy the trashiness, right?) Most of what I know about trashy romances I learn from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, which is a great blog to peruse if you’re in the mood for this type of books. But if you’re not of age or are easily offended, don’t click on that link! Aaand I’m hiding the reviews below under another link, so it’s adults-only from this point on.

Merry and Bright


Merry and Bright in four words: sex sex sex guns. (I’m serious. Stop reading if you’re not an adult.) This holiday-inspired anthology contains three novellas, featuring smart but socially awkward chemist Maggie and construction worker Jacob in Finding Mr. Right, B&B owner Hope and accountant Danny in Bah, Handsome!, and city planner Cami and mayor Matt in Ms. Hambug. The storylines are over-the-top weird, and the character development is non-existent, but I didn’t read this to analyze the writing – I read this for the feel-good-hot-romance-sexual-tension-moldering-eye-contact-and-sex-everywhere bits, damn it! And this book did not disappoint. Just don’t get your expectations up for this one, and you’ll be fine.

Snowbound with the CEO


Rachel Carter (executive assistant) and Adrian Blackstone (CEO) are attracted to each other, but both want to keep their professional relationship intact. When the two end up snowbound at the Mount Lafayette Grand Resort Hotel for a weekend, Rachel and Adrian need to decide whether they want to keep it professional or give into their desires, and whether or not they’ll go back to being executive assistant and CEO once the weekend’s over. Both Rachel and Adrian are likable characters because their past experiences have made them into hardworking, responsible, and diligent individuals. There’s nothing standing in the way of their relationship except for their own moral values, and this single focus of the story made Snowbound with the CEO a very lighthearted and straightforward read. The romance is sweet, and the ending is even sweeter – perfect if you need a quick sugar fix.

Have you read these two books? What holiday romances have you read this winter?


5 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Merry and Bright & Snowbound with the CEO

  1. These both sound like fun holiday reads. They are the type I can read in one sitting and I like that they are both feel good. Love your mini review of Shalvis’s book – sex, sex, sex, guns..LOL

    • Yes, I love reading these in one sitting too! Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed my four-word summary; that’s the ratio of sex and guns that show up in that anthology. 😛

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