Weekly Paper (14)


This week was the last week before my classes officially begin, so I thoroughly enjoyed bumming around at home after lab everyday instead of doing anything substantial. I’m totally failing at my “rant more” New Year’s resolution… but I did create a new Goodreads account, so let’s be procrastination buddies friends! 🙂




Do you have any interesting news that you want to share? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Paper (14)

  1. Oh, you linked to some pretty interesting post! I’m going to have to remember to comment on Christina’s later today. It’s so cool that she was able to get the first edition of Code Name Verity– I’ve heard that it’s a pretty great book, too. I myself would be excited to get the first edition of a book, but I can’t say that I especially want one. It’s just not something that I am particularly interesting in, and I know that there are collectors out there that don’t accidentally mess up their books within days of getting them 😛

    *sigh* It makes me sad to see readers (and just people in general) judging others for how much they read and what they read. We should all just be happy that there are people who are appreciating the awesomeness of the written word. How much a person reads does not tell how smart they are (I read a lot but the only subject I really excel in is English for obvious reasons), and what they like is not something that should be mocked.

    Besides, reading twenty books in a year is a very impressive number. Many people in America don’t even read up to five books per year, judging from articles I have read…

    • Thanks, Lesley! People around the blogosphere (and the Internet) are writing about some pretty cool stuff, and it makes me more motivated to think about what makes my reading and bookish experiences unique. 🙂

      I’m more a fan of old books in general rather than first editions; if a book looks super old (or super new-and-shiny), I WANT IT. And I totally agree with you on supporting the written word in general – I have friends who only read a book once in a blue moon, but I’m always excited when they tell me they’re reading something.

  2. I am so glad I’m not interested in buying signed or first edition books. They can get so expensive! I love collecting autographs when they come with the experience of having met the author, but buying a signed book or special edition just doesn’t do anything for me.

    I loved Kim’s article and thought the NYT article it discussed was fascinating too. I agree with Kim that it would be fun to have those analytics yourself, but I’d be a bit creeped out by the idea of someone else analyzing my reading process. It just seems too personal!

    • Yes, I agree – I think it’s a great feeling when you chance upon a first edition, but I don’t think I can collect them on purpose.

      I personally wouldn’t mind if someone analyzed my reading process, but only if they actually use it to better my reading experience (ex. you sped through this insta-love section? We’ll cut out all insta-love in your future books!). 😛

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