Book Reader Species Report #1: THE OMNIREADER

I love taking personality tests and “Which X Are You?” quizzes (where X = animal, Disney princess, Pooh character, element, etc.), so it’s no surprise that when I discovered GalleyCat’s recent feature of Laura E. Kelly’s Which Book Reader Species Are You? infographic, I OBSESSED OVER IT.

According to this infographic, I’m a free-range, “it’s complicated” reader – EXCEPT for the (un)fortunate fact that I love to be defined and categorized. Thinking about categories and classifications makes me super giddy! So I’ve decided to write several posts on each species that I can relate to, and hopefully you can relate to them too!


Book Reader Species Report: The Omnireader

The omnireader is a reader who takes full advantage of the prevalence of the written text. A day doesn’t go by in the life of the omnireader without reading, and she doesn’t discriminate; for her, the value of a stick of lip balm is the same as that of a billboard… there are words on both! Her keen sense of sight allows her to seek out the most scratched out and faded words – characterized by either shifty eyes or a daydreamer’s gaze (she’s looking at that word on your shirt and repeating it over and over to herself!), she’s seldom bored and only occasionally embarrassed.

Because of her reading habits, the omnireader is quick to pull out random facts during small talk due to the vast amount of resting state reading she does each day. She knows the exact amount of calories per serving of the cereal she eats in the morning, although she wouldn’t call herself a health nut. After she buys an Ikea bookshelf, she spends more time perusing the instruction manual than building the actual bookshelf. She’ll bookmark recipes even though she never has the right ingredients on hand, but simply so that she can stare at the delicious food words from time to time.

To put it simply, the omnireader is an equal opportunity word-eater. She has the most awesomest survival instincts out of the entire reader population because she will read anything and everything. Hide your words, for the omnireader is coming to find them. Dun, dun, dun…

Now, fellow adventurer, go forth and see if you can spot the omnireaders in your life!



11 thoughts on “Book Reader Species Report #1: THE OMNIREADER

  1. Haha I love this! You’ve described it perfectly, well done! I can definitely relate to this, it seems I’m always finding excuses to read, even if it means the back of my shampoo bottle. Great post! 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Lindsey! 😀 And YES, I’ve totally read the back of my shampoo bottle too! (I love reading directions and instructions on products for some reason, even though I don’t really follow them.)

  2. It seems that I am not an omnireader… I am easily bored by sentences that do not come together to tell a story 😛 Cereal boxes, instructions, and terms of uses simply are not enough to satisfy me… I guess this just shows that even in a survival game that involves reading, I probably wouldn’t survive the longest, haha! What’s the species of a reader who only reads actual books? A monoreader? Oh, and what species are you? I’m curious!

    • Ahahaha, oh no! It’s okay, if a survival game like that ever happens, your omnireader friends will protect you! I don’t know if readers who only read books are called monoreaders, but that makes me think of readers wearing monocles. (o)_o

      I’m an omnireader! But a lot of the other ones on that infographic apply to me, so I’m going to post about the Sleepy Bedtime Reader, the Multitasker, and others later on. 😛

      • You don’t know what you are promising, Sophie! Camping trips and school have proven that I am not the best survivor 😛 Monocles have always seemed so uncomfortable to me… A circle of glass stuck in place by the structure around your eye? I don’t think I could stand that very long.

        I have a feeling that I’m going to relate very much to the Sleepy Bedtime Reader post.

        • NO FRIEND LEFT BEHIND we can do this! (Hunger Games reading version yes?) And I’ve always wondered whether monocle-wearing would lead to a permanent tilt of the head because of the extra weight on your face, hm…

          And I’m excited to go stalk observe some Sleepy Bedtime Readers in their natural habitat before my next post. 🙂

          • Okay, so I actually searched up whether or not monocle-wearing can lead to a head tilt… Nothing like that popped up so I guess no. I do think that it could end in a rather funny-looking face with one normal eye and one sort of squinty one, though.

            Oh, now I’m wondering if girls generally have stronger necks than boys because we (in most cases) have more hair on our heads… Girls also wear makeup a lot, which can add a teensy bit of weight, too.

            • So nothing came up when I searched for gender differences in neck strength associated with hair length. (I think the hair length part messed up the search, haha!) But girls in certain parts of the world definitely have strong necks than boys because they have to carry jars of water on their heads to get drinking water back to their families – although that’s a completely different situation/argument.

              In general, I don’t think hair would make that much of a difference unless girls went around with wet hair all the time, since water-weighted hair is significantly heavier than the usual fluff we have on our heads. Sigh, if only we can get stronger bodies just by wearing more clothing/makeup to weigh us down…

    • Yay for new classifications! But now you’ll have to spend more time to explain to people what an omnireader is, and that takes away time from reading, so… 😛

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