Monthly Paper: January 2014

I read what I wrote in Remember December? and kind of want to write the exact same thing again. Why does time go by so fast?? And I’m still working on my bingo challenges, yesiree, but I focused more on Reread January this month. I reread four of the nine books I planned to re-read, and I’m pretty satisfied with how I did. My re-reads also motivated me to continue on with those series, so I think I’m slowly but surely resolving the commitment issues I’ve had with reading book series.

The 2014 Rewind Challenge is going slow, but I have eleven more months to slim down my TBR list! I’ve also been tinkering with the blog layout and design, since it’s the new year and all, and I think this is how it’s going to stay for a while. Ta-dah! Behold the new(-ish?) Paper Breathers! 🙂

This Month, I Read…
Toms River Snowbound with the CEO Merry and Bright The Westing Game The Humans An Old-Fashioned Girl Hatchet 33 Double Happiness Book Cover Pretties Quiet

This Month, I Talked About…

I boasted about my 2013 achievements and made some New Year’s resolutions; talked about how I choose books and accepted the One Lovely Blog Award; and started a readers’ field guide.

What’s Up, February?

January was a free-for-all, and I really liked how it turned out, so February will be the same way. (The Schedule has been revamped and moved to my About page, FYI.) My only goal for February is to read more It’s Always Sunny on Sunday books – romances and realistic fiction, here I come!

How was your January? Do you have any bookish plans for February?


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