Weekly Paper (17)


I moved into a new lab space this past week, and it’s coincidentally in a part of the building that doesn’t have cell phone reception. Why do they design buildings without considering things like that? (I just wanted to blame someone.) In other news, I just realized that I don’t like steel cut oats that much… oops.



  • Ellie @ Book Revels wrote some wonderful book spine poetry.
  • Jen @ Pop! Goes the Reader couldn’t wait to read All Four Stars by Tara Dairman (which comes out July 10th), and expressed her excitement through many Ratatouille gifs. I like!
  • Kelley @ Another Novel Read talked about book covers and raised some interesting questions about attracting male readers.
  • Kim @ Sophisticated Dorkiness created a reading list of non-fiction books about sleep, a new trend that I’m personally very excited for.
  • Lesley @ Books and Beautiful World recommended Kobato by CLAMP, a manga “that can make you smile, but … lacks amazing writing to make it something truly great.”
  • Sarah @ Smart Bitches Trashy Books showcased a book called Crafting with Cat Hair. Photos included! You know you want to check that out.


Do you have any interesting news that you want to share? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Paper (17)

    • Hm, I would think that that would be a great way to clean up all the cat hair on one’s couch… (but I don’t own a cat, so maybe that’s why I’m less freaked out?)

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