Weekly Paper (18)


Happy Valentine’s Week Day, everyone! I recently created a NetGalley account and (maybe you’ve already noticed) I went a bit crazy with requesting shtuff. So, uh, the Rewind Challenge is going well, right? But I’m liking the ones I’ve requested and read so far, so that’s always good!




Do you have any interesting news that you want to share? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Paper (18)

  1. Chrys’ post on prose is interesting. For me, the type of prose a book has doesn’t affect my enjoyment of a book at all, unless it’s just bad and awkward. But minimalist prose and descriptive prose? No preference, though I do think some types of prose fit with different types of stories.

    Cutest and creepiest dating game? Yup. Although Deiz is a close tie. The only reason it doesn’t beat Hatoful Boyfriend is the fact that there aren’t pigeons. I’ll talk about that one next Valentine’s Day 😛 Oh, and I’ve also seen another dating game in which you get to help a drug addict find her fantasy world– Japan is amazing.

    The Bookentine’s are sooo cute. I haven’t read Cress yet, but I’m already shipping Cress and Thorne… They remind of the movie Tangled.

    • I’m a fan of descriptive prose, but in combination with good plot and everything else, haha.

      Okay, I’ll hold you to that 2015 Valentine’s Day post! I’ll probably forget all about dating sims for a whole year until you bring it up again. :S

      YES Gillian’s art is too awesome! I’ve only read Cinder, but just looking at all the couples she drew makes me want to read those books!

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