Weekly Paper (19)


I made a batch of Bisquick’s melt-in-your-mouth pancakes at the beginning of the week and it made my mornings that much brighter. Pancakes are almost as good as peanut butter, in my books. My breakfast batch next week is oatmeal, now that I actually learned how to cook steel-cut oats so that it tastes good!




Do you have any interesting news that you want to share? Let me know!


17 thoughts on “Weekly Paper (19)

  1. Mmmm pancakes! Them and waffles are my favorite breakfast foods – when I actually eat breakfast, that is.

    Ooooh, so many great discussion posts this week! I really need to check those out. I really, really hate whenever non-readers make fun of readers. Not. Cool. Alas I don’t carry a physical book with me all the time anymore (I started preferring smaller purses a few years ago), but I do have the Kindle app on my phone 😀

    And I’m so glad you added Chocolate Fever to your TBR list, it’s such a quick, fun read!

    • Mmm, waffles! I think one of the best things about growing up is being able to eat pancakes for dinner and not have your parents look at you disapprovingly, haha. 😛

      I’m still stuck with a backpack, so I almost always have a paperback with me. Books are such a blessing when you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for an appointment!

      I also accidentally found a book called The Chocolate Touch when I was looking for Chocolate Fever – have you read that one? I can’t wait to read them! 🙂

      • *Laughs* I will admit I still have pancakes/waffles for dinner sometimes. French toast too. XD

        Ah yeah, I sort of miss the backpack days – just so that I could have a book to read for enjoyment, not for the feeling my back was breaking. I had the stop with the bigger purses for pretty much the same reason, I would cram so much stuff in them that it hurt my shoulder too much 😦

        Yes, I did read The Chocolate Touch and loved it as well! It’s a sort of retelling of King Midas and his golden touch.

        • Yes, I tried out big purses but that ended up with me walking around with one shoulder perpetually higher than the other even when I’m not carrying anything…

          Oh, good! Chocolate books here I come! 😀

  2. Printing the entire English Wikipedia? Isn’t that sort of a waste of time? I mean, if you print out Wikipedia, you won’t be able to edit the pages, so incorrect information wouldn’t be able to be corrected, and nobody will be able to contribute even more information. Unless, of course, they decide to reprint and update the books every couple of years. But even so, the online Wikipedia would be WAY more convenient than a physical one, so it’s a waste of trees.

    Pie-ography: When Pie Meets Biography is a really clever title and totally deserving of the award, but if I were to choose a title that would have me staring at it the longest, it would be How to Poo on a Date. Look at how mature I am! And Episode sounds like a visual novel game, just with the ability to *completely* manipulate the characters and the story. Sort of like Sims!

    Oh, and I’m reading Grasshopper Jungle now… And, uh, yeah, Austin is really gross >_< Although, I kind of think his grossness is amusing, even if I feel like my mind is being dirtied 😛

    • That’s what I thought too when I was reading that article! Maybe they want a physical copy as a keepsake or something? In case the Internet dies? Who knows…

      Teehee, you’re so mature! 😛 And I kind of imagined Episode to have less freedom than the Sims, since it’ll probably have built in storylines. I’m in love with the Sims, so I can’t wait to try Episode.

      And OMG GOOD LUCK. I’m glad to hear that you’re more accepting of Austin than I am lol.

      • The Internet? Dying? Oh, God, when the Internet dies, the whole world is going to explode. Not having a physical copy of Wikipedia will be the least of their problems..

        I adore playing the Sims. I remember when I first started playing it. My friend and I would create Sim versions of us and make it so we dated (and eventually marry) Sim versions of our crushes. We were such creepers 😛

        I am accepting of all (harmless) perverts!

        • Hmm, I always had the optimistic thought that if the Internet dies, we’ll go back to the old ways of doing things, ex. snail mail, telephones, etc. I really hope the world won’t explode.

          Building relationships on the Sims is probably one of my favorite parts of the game – that, and building houses! So. Much. Procrastination. Ugh.

          And I haven’t even started reviewing hardcore romance novels yet, so I doubt there are any (harmless) perverts on my blog right now. But when there are, I’ll direct them your way! 😉

          • I am sure that there are some people who will go back to the old ways, but there are many other people that will probably keep refreshing the page until they spontaneously combust… I am not sure which group I’m in right now. I do like my Internet.

            I usually just go with pre-made houses for the Sims. I like the insides of the houses that I make just fine, but the outside? I don’t like looking at a house that is just a gigantic cube with a roof– which is what the outside normally ends up as.

            Building relationships between Sims was my favorite thing ever. And my favorite part of the building relationships was building strange relationships. When I was young, the thought of a robot marrying a human cracked me up. Oh, and the guy Sims getting abducted by aliens learning the ways of the male seahorse was amusing also.

            Yet? Should I expect to see some reviews of books with beautiful damsels with pretty dresses and buff shirtless men with the top halves of their faces cut off on them soon?

            • I think I spend more time building houses than playing with the actual Sims characters lolol. I like building sunrooms and decks and entertainment rooms – it’s like my version of the American dream, basically. 😛

              Woah, what version of the Sims did you play? I’ve never seen any robots or aliens in mine!

              And yes, you should expect that. More beautiful damsels than shirtless men though, since I’m too embarrassed to look at covers with shirtless men and therefore am less likely to read those books. ._.

              • Oh, I play Sims 2 (with the expansion packs) and Sims 3, and the aliens and robots are in Sims 2. In order to get your male Sim to learn the ways of the seahorse, you must make him look through a telescope for a long, long time.

                After some time, a UFO will come and take him away for the night and return him with a baby inside. Everyone will then act like it’s completely natural for a guy to get pregnant and go on with life. And when the guy gives birth, you shall get an alien child.

                Yeah, my playings of the Sims usually end up being like a twisted reality show. Ah, shirtless romance novel men… Honestly, I can’t really say that I like them very much– the muscles they have are just too big and, well, muscular for me O_O

                • Ahhh, I see – I have Sims 3 without any expansion packs, so I’m still pretty ignorant of the infinite crazy possibilities that come with the whole package. And I’m still confused as to how telescopes lead to seahorses and intergalactic sex, but I’ll just nod my head and go with it. >_<

                  I'm actually a fan of buff guys, but shirtless romance novel men got nothin' on Channing Tatum! I can't look at abs on romance covers, but I feel no shame when it comes to Tatum. It's kind of a problem. You're actually speaking to a (harmless) pervert, oops?

                  • Maybe the guy Sim accidentally looked through a window of a spaceship he shouldn’t have been looking through and the aliens took it as him wanting to join them? It’s Sims so anything is possible here.

                    Channing Tatum is quite the looker! But I don’t know, I guess I just prefer scrawny guys. Although, if I HAD to stare at a guy’s torso all day, I would probably choose Channing Tatum’s. There’s more… stuff to look at, and I wouldn’t say that his torso is as off-putting as Romance Novel Guy torsos to me.

                    Remember, I happily accept all (harmless) perverts, even the ones who are pervy for Tatum.

  3. Ooh, those pancakes sounds delicious! No contest with peanut butter for me; I’d take pancakes any day 🙂

    Great links this week! I’m loving all the non-fiction on Bill Gates’ bookshelf, the hilarious non-fiction titles for the Diagram Prize, and the cute anthropomorphized books. How fun!

    • I’m going to attempt to make peanut butter pancakes soon so that I don’t feel so torn between peanut butter and pancakes, haha. :S And thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed this week’s links!

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