Weekly Paper (21)


I’m in the process of manuscript-writing this weekend – although it’s only a small part of the actual paper, it’s my first time doing this so I’m super nervous about showing it to my boss. Deadline: today. Using HabitRPG to be productive, but it’s kinda backfiring because, well, I’M STILL ONLINE. D: (Just got to Level 2, yippee!)


  • I didn’t like This Is Not an Accident by April Wilder because I didn’t get the humor and it was just weird.
  • I really enjoyed Digital Fortress by Dan Brown because it had dramatic plot twists and a detailed backstory; I’m still not bored of it after re-reading it multiple times throughout the years.
  • I thought Dangerous by Shannon Hale had an unfocused plot and inconsistent characters; I had high expectations for a Shannon Hale work and I was disappointed.
  • I liked Lunch by Megan Elias once I started treating it like a research paper, and it had tons and tons of food descriptions that made my stomach jealous.



  • 12 books that end mid-sentence, aka 12 books that I’ll never read because they’ll drive me crazy…
  • In celebration of Grammar Day, here’s a Wordoku. These things always baffle me.
  • Jim C. Hines talked about using HabitRPG, “a habit-tracking and To Do List app in the form of a role-playing game.” I’m already addicted. Geeks, unite!
  • Joseph Boyden’s The Orenda won Canada Reads 2014! I never got to read the Canada Reads nominations like I wanted to, but hopefully I’ll at least get to read The Orenda this year.
  • “Overheard in X Elevator” twitter accounts lead to book deals and cancellation of book deals when said account owner was discovered to not be in X elevator. @GSElevator (Goldman Sachs) and @CondeElevator (Vogue, GQ, etc.) are both hilarious though.
  • Pat Rothfuss held a photo contest for pictures of his books in weird settings, and this post is quite entertaining.

Do you have any interesting news that you want to share? Let me know!

10 thoughts on “Weekly Paper (21)

  1. HabitRPG looks so much fun! I’m going to try it out and will come up with new habits to try to build if I have to because it’s just so exciting 🙂

    • Yes, let me know what you think! There’s a grad student guild and everything, and I’m having so much fun (maybe too much fun?) gamifying my tasks, ex. LV2 Book of Journals (for that paper I have to read), LV3 Prepare for War (for my exam prep), and LV2 Swift Feet (for taking the stairs). Doing boring things should not be this fun. 😛

  2. I thought that post on lack of nonfiction in blogging was interesting, especially the comments about how it’s difficult to review nonfiction. I actually think it’s harder to review fiction! Maybe there’s a post to be written about tips for writing reviews of nonfiction.

    • Haha, you should write that tips post, Kim! I love reading your reviews. 😉 I think ease of reviewing depends on whether you’re mainly a fiction reader or a non-fiction reader, since the more familiar you are with a genre or a type of book, the easier it should (hypothetically) be for you to critique it.

  3. My problem with Habit RPG is that I am being extremely fickle with my list of habits and to-do’ s. I keep subtracting and adding things. I have a feeling that my brain is making me do this because it doesn’t want to brush my hair.

    Oh, and a random fact I just realized? The brain named itself. There is no language where it was named by anything other than a, well, brain. I find this really intriguing and kind of creepy. What if we aren’t in complete control of our entire minds? What if the part of our brains that we don’t use are planning something? DUN DUN DUN!

    I really want to read Code Name Verity, too. Have you seen the guest post on the book and its themes over at Oh, The Books? It’s a very interesting and well-written post that made me think. A lot. I’m sure you’d like it also 🙂

    Do memoirs count as non-fiction? If so, I am happy to say that non-fiction won’t be so ignored on my blog this month, as I am about done with Double Happiness. Oh, and I am also listening to the audiobook of I Am Malala.

    The memoir is actually pretty great so far and I have so much respect for Malala and her courage. The only thing I can (stupidly) complain about is that I sometimes can’t understand her accent… Yeah. But I usually can’t understand what singers are singing, so what can I expect?

    Also, that poem was so beautiful! I’m jealous of her skills >_<

    • Wow, I just have to say, Lesley Marie, that I thoroughly enjoyed your comment! 😀 And thanks for the comment on the poem – I don’t write poems very often, but sometimes they just *have* to be written … it’s almost like giving birth. Or maybe like throwing up. (haha, you can see how poetic I am most of the time!)

      Do you think that the parts of our brains that we don’t use can communicate with *each other*???? You have given me a whole new level of conspiracy theory.

      • Haha, thanks 🙂 Oh, and don’t worry, you are wonderfully poetic.

        It is very possible. Especially when you think about how scientists still don’t fully understand the human brain. Really, if the brain knows what to do and you are indeed in full control of it, you should know *everything* about it, right?

        So the fact that we don’t know everything about our brains means there is definitely something fishy going on… And obviously the unused parts of our brains are communicating with each other to make sure nobody is finding out what the fishy smell is…


        If you don’t hear from me ever again, it means I have been eliminated. I am lucky that my brain hasn’t shut me down immediately. Perhaps it has warmed up to me…

        Good luck.

    • Really? I think HabitRPG complements my planner very well – I now have all time-related things in my planner and moved all task-related things onto HabitRPG. Look! (Also, the “Sword of Perfection” skill sounds kind of sexual, but it’s really just exercise. Okay, that just makes it sound more awkward. .__.)

      Tell me the truth, your brain has a crush on your hair, doesn’t it? I KNEW IT. They’re so disgustingly intimate with each other it’s like taking Public Displays of Affection onto a new level, ugh.

      And oh my, that does sound really creepy and scary. Keep feeding your brain sugar and hopefully it will spare you once the time comes!

      I haven’t read that Code Name Verity guest post yet, but I was really excited when I saw it show up in my inbox! And yes, memoirs count as non-fiction. (Unless it’s written by James Frey, then it might not count…) How are you liking Double Happiness so far??

      I have to admit that I’ve never listened to an audiobook all the way through before (even though my mom’s a huge, huge fan of audiobooks) but I might give the paper version of I Am Malala a try at some point.

      (And this is me ignoring Sarah’s comment about poem-babies. GO AWAY MENTAL IMAGES.)

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