Doubly Monthly Paper: February & March 2014

I know, I know… my first doubly weekly paper, and now my first doubly monthly paper?? That just shows how doubly fun my life is going right now NOT. It’s not that I’m running out of steam – everything in my life just decided to go beast mode on me RIGHT NOW, from my classwork to my last lab rotation to my volunteering shtuff to taxes (which I’m still not done ahhhh!!!!). I actually ditched my planner for a few weeks after starting to use HabitRPG, but realized that I was crazy to do so and started using both concurrently, and that’s alleviating my stress a bit. But lesson learned; I won’t spread myself too thin in the future, and I’ll think more carefully before I take on extra tasks or classes.

In February & March, I Read…



These Past Two Months, I Talked About…

My new feature, Spoons, the yummy fortune cookie edition and the yummier scrambled eggs edition. Why I have a favorite author. Statistics and book ratings. The issue I have with books with feels. My reading schedule stressing me out.

What’s Up, April & May?

Yes, there’s another DOUBLY AWESOME monthly paper coming at the end of May. My last class ends then, and even though my rotation doesn’t end until June, the end of May is when I think I can start to relax a bit. So much like the latter half of March, there will be less posts overall in April and May. I’ll try to aim for a smaller reviews:discussions post ratio though – that’s less reviews, more discussions – so that it doesn’t feel like I’ve just been replaced by a review robot (nothing against robots though!). Hopefully I’ll still be consistently visiting GoodReads and other book blogs, but if you miss me, feel free to e-mail too! 🙂

How was your March? What are you looking forward to in April?

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