The Three Books That Define Me

Last week, this bookish question floated around Twitter gathering lots of replies from readers around the world. I’ve been thinking about it for a few days, and here are three that I feel represent who I am:

The Leaf and the Cloud   The Blue Castle   Squire

I won’t explain why I chose these three or anything, since that takes the fun out of it. Instead, I’d like to invite YOU to analyze me through my books, and also to leave a reply with YOUR three books for me to analyze your personality, enneagram, likelihood of owning a griffin, etc. (Don’t expect serious answers though – I am neither your next-door neighbor nor your psychiatrist. And today is Friday, so expect weird comments.)


What kind of person am I?
(Let me know your three books and I’ll return the favor!)


10 thoughts on “The Three Books That Define Me

  1. It will be hard to choose three books for myself as I read a lot of Stephen King and Murakami (maybe it will just prove that I’m a weird person? haha) But I will try! I haven’t read these books though so I need to read their synopsis. As for the last book — hmmm… Do you like dragons? 🙂 Sorry weird answers from a weird person.

    • You love beautiful and abstract things, enjoy stargazing and looking at contemporary art, and secretly write dark poetry (I have no clue what dark poetry actually is).

      (Did I get anything right??) ❓

      And yes, I do like dragons! Heehee, it’s alright, I had a hard time choosing just three books too. Weird answers cancel out being a weird person, so you’re normal after all. (Yay weird logic!)

  2. Okay, so I haven’t read these books, but I have looked at their descriptions and I have come up with an answer that is probably completely true. Probably.

    Judging from The Leaf and the Cloud, you are a person who loves literature and the beauty that comes with it. You like to questions and discover things regularly. Judging from The Blue Castle, I think that you are a person who has had gone on an adventure in the past where you fell in love with a spiffy-looking guy who was a doctor. You also like to read forbidden books– bad girl! And judging from Squire, it seems that this adventure ended badly, him getting eaten by a beast, and you, heartbroken, went back to college to learn what you need to learn to become a person of high social standing.

    “Earns respect and admiration among the men, as well as the affection of a fellow squire.” — Judging from this sentence, you are attracting the attention of a guy that you share classes with.


    • OH MY GOD YOU KNOW ME SO WELL um are you hiding in my closet? o___o

      Ahaha, so most of that was correct, except the thing with the doctor and the beast. And I’m unfortunately not attracting any guy’s attention at the moment (nor do I want to, guys in my classes are meh), but EVERYTHING ELSE WAS RIGHT OMG HOW’D YOU DO THAT

      What are your three books?? 😀

      • No, I’m not hiding in your closet. I’m hiding in the drawers of your desk. I am a very small person, you see. A gust of wind could blow me away.

        Aw, I’m sorry. It must be tough, not having a non-meh guy to stare at when classes are getting boring 😛 And I’m sort of glad that the doctor and the beast thing didn’t happen. I say sort of because even if it meant that a dude got eaten by a beast, being exactly right would be pretty awesome. But the power of stalkery can only go so far… (I didn’t just say that.)

        My three books… This is really hard >_< I believe that the books that define me would be Pizza Delivery, Warm Bodies, and Raccoons.

        Okay, I’m kidding. My real three books (or series) that define my life and/or me as a person would be Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park, Speechless by Hannah Harrington, and Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. As you can see, I’m kind of boring.

        • Funny story: I lost my watch a few days ago, and I just looked in the top drawer of my desk and THERE IT WAS. Thank you for bringing it back to me!!! I admire your ability to fit in drawers! 🐻

          Nope, you didn’t just say that. Just like I didn’t read “stalkery” as “stalk of celery” the first time ’round. *shifts eyes* And oh Lesley, if those are your three books, I would be extremely terrified. I’m partial to raccoons though, so I’m likely your first victim – you remember, right? That first girl who tried to feed you before you attacked her in the dark? (And don’t think I didn’t notice that you added these books to your to-read list on Goodreads today! Sneaky sneaky.)

          I also haven’t read your real three books, but here goes! Judging by the Junie B. Jones series, you enjoy seeing other people in awkward and embarrassing situations, but are probably also frequently in those kinds of situations yourself. For you, every situation becomes part of a story, and you’d rather scribble those stories in your notebook all day than pay attention in that dreaded math class. This is why you’ll become a writer in the very near future (give or take ten years). From Speechless, I can tell that you value friendship and hate bullies, and you tend to have plenty of comments and opinions that you’ve kept inside during conversations for fear of saying something wrong. Judging from Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour, you want to go on a cross-country road trip with your one true love (or go on a cross-country road trip to FIND your one true love). Oh, and you also like adorkable guys. (But I kind of cheated on that last part because I read your review, heehee.)

          • You are very welcome. I always try to make the owners of the drawers I inhabit happy 🙂 And you were that girl I attacked? Huh. It’s a small world, isn’t it? Don’t be afraid, though, I have abandoned my past as a zombie-raccoon, and have became a small drawer raccoon.

            (I was wondering if you’d see the additions to the TBR list. I probably weirded a few of the people on my friends list out with the raccoon one… Eh, oh well.)

            O_O Okay, this book thing is magical, I think. YOU GOT EVERY SINGLE THING RIGHT! From the awkwardness that I like to watch and often get dragged into, to my tendency to keep quiet when around people who are not my close friends, and my dream of finding my true love during a road trip. And yup, adorkable guys = love.

            You know, someone could make a business with this. Telling what hides inside a person’s mind and their future through their choice of books.

            Oh, and I think that dark poetry is stuff like Edgar Allan Poe. We are reading a lot of him in class right now. One time, we had a huge debate over whether Annabel Lee is romantic or creepy. I was on the creepy side. Although, if the debate allowed a creepy-romantic side, I would have chose it.

            • I’m glad you’ve changed your raccoon ways! (I was so much more weirded out by the pizza delivery one than the raccoon one. I don’t think I’ll be ordering pizza any time soon…)

              YAY yes I’m really liking this book choice thing, haha. But book-reading seems less profitable than palm-reading and fortune-telling, since palms at least have the same backstory and fortune-telling relies on innate magic. But books, well, you have to go on Goodreads or some place to get material. Can you imagine a fortune-teller going, “Hold on, let me just search up the synopsis on my phone and I’ll get back to you with your future in just a second”? (Although if someone can make an algorithm, maybe that’ll be more business-worthy. Or book-matching sites, like matchmaking sites but better?)

              Ah, thanks for the explanation! I was thinking that it was something gothic, like the poetry version of Frankenstein, but I didn’t think of Poe for some reason! I’ve never read Annabel Lee until just now, and I think it was romantic up till the fourth stanza, and then it got really creepy. So I’m with you on the creepy-romanticness of this.

              • I seriously bought the pizza delivery one right when I saw it. PIZZA HORROR! Well, at least I think it is pizza horror. The synopsis is very vague, only telling about how warped and gruesome the novella is. They need to change that, they might be setting expectations too high.

                To solve the problem of ruining the whole mysterious image by having to search up books on Goodreads, tell the customer to close their eyes for one minute. Or you could magically put them to sleep a.k.a. hitting them in the head from behind to knock them out, since using real magic is BANNED. Then when they come to, you will tell what you have found through their choice of books. A book-matching site… “Find a good date by finding good reads.” That’s an awesome idea. I could get a boyfriend and get good book recommendations, too!

                You have to give the narrator of Annabel Lee praise, though. He lied next to his beloved’s dead body so he could be closer to her. That is some dedication right there. I mean, Annabel isn’t there to appreciate the dedication, but…

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