Review: Miyuki by Veronica Bane


Miyuki was not the story I would’ve liked it to be, and I blame the page limit for this. Although this second installment of the Unusuals series was almost as badass and action-packed as the first, character and relationship development seemed to be left behind, and the plot twists were unusual and unexpected. The story also ended with a cliffhanger, and you know how I feel about those… (and if you don’t, you’re about to!)

Title: Miyuki
Author: Veronica Bane
Series: Unusuals #2
Publication Date: April 1, 2014
Category: (Young Adult) Novella / Paranormal / Fantasy
Source: Author in exchange for an honest review.


With Mara’s brother, Zach, siding with the enemy to eliminate the Unusuals from the town of Jericho, Mara, Miyuki, and their friends need more help than ever to stay alive. As the group continues to try to find and recruit the other Unusuals before the enemy does, they discover that things are not as they seem. They find enemies among friends, and friends among enemies. Which side will prevail? (Hint: I don’t know either. Hmph.)


So with the title named after a certain character in the story, I expected to get to know everything about Miyuki and her past, as well as her secret crush on her childhood friend. (The last part of that was all me – Bane turned me into a shipper already after one book!) Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen; Miyuki gets almost the same page time compared to the other main characters from the first book, and her romantic ventures are unsatisfactory (as in not what I ship, therefore I don’t understand). The good thing about that is that I got to learn more about the characters’ personalities. Still, I want more Miyuki time!

Also, with such a short book, relationship development has been shoved off to the side so that there’s room for action and plot twists, but this just left me craving for more details about both the relationships and the plot twists. For example, Mara and her brother’s relationship is hinted at in Mara, but their relationship remains stuck at that point even in this book. The plot twists are also unexpected and suffer from the lack of proper backstories. I think I had questions from Mara that I wanted answered in Miyuki, but Miyuki had to keep pushing forward, so I’m left feeling excited but with a significant buildup of “but wait’s”.

And that ending. OH MAN. Right in the middle of the action, and right after a major shocker too, and I just can’t deal with cliffhanger endings! Hopefully the third book will hold the answers to EVERYTHING. (There’s a third book, right? Right???)


Overall, Miyuki keeps the action going while sacrificing backstories and a more coherent plot. And maybe if this was a full-length book instead of a novella, I would’ve enjoyed it more… so I’d say that it’s a combination of book format and the Second Book Syndrome that makes Miyuki a less enjoyable read than Mara.

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