Weekly Paper (25)


IT FEELS LIKE SUMMER. I think Mother Nature skipped spring because she was super excited for summer (like I am!). But blue skies and sunny days make me look forward to playing outside cleaning, organizing, and purging, so I plan to get things done this weekend. #homebody




Do you have any interesting news that you want to share? Let me know!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Paper (25)

    • Ahahaha thanks! Mine’s not really that fantastic; I’m pretty sure I had “I read books. I eat peanut butter.” before and just made it more weird. 😛

  1. Also, random tidbit about me – I’ve read enough Newbery books to win a pizza party, but I realized that I’ve either read the book, or never even heard of it (in most cases) … and I’ve mostly read the ones from 1975 and earlier!

    • WOW, invite me to your pizza party?? 😀 And I just realized that list was chronological, doh… the ones I read are scattered across the years and mostly clustered around the late 20th century (is this indicative of age??).

    • Don’t they? I can imagine how popular they’d be in nice weather. 🙂 And yeah, even Netflix feels unnecessary for me since I can usually get movies and shows I want to watch from my library.

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