My Favorite Words

I love words, and I’m sure you love words too, since books are full of them and you’re here because you’re a reader. 😛 But some of us have favorite words – words that we throw into the air like confetti at a party, or words that we keep locked inside a box only to take out occasionally to admire, or words that we savor like chocolate peanut butter.

Favorite words are subjective. There are lists for the most beautiful words in the English language, people’s top 10 favorite words according to Merriam-Webster, and even phone apps for making lists of your favorite words and meeting people who have similar favorite words (words-making matchmaking?). My most recent five-starred book, Natalie Lloyd’s A Snicker of Magic, is what inspired my renewed love for words, so I want to share some of my favorite words (some savored, others locked up) and try to explain why they’re my favorite, although my logic might be lacking; I mean, sometimes loving something doesn’t have to make sense, right?


Chrysanthemum encompasses everything I love about autumn (and nature), from the crispness of the air with the first consonant, to the way the wind scatters the leaves and petals in the twists and turns of tongue to pronounce the word itself. This word feels delicate, snug, beautiful, warm, and cold all mixed together.


Aaand it’s beginning to look like I have a thing for the letter ‘y’, haha. I discovered remedy in sixth grade and held onto it like a security blanket all the way through middle school. My emo stage of life was starting, and surprisingly, I discovered this word BEFORE falling in love with Seether’s “Remedy“. Remedy is painfully sweet, full of angst, yearning, and protectiveness, and this word is filled with all my innermost desires.


Cubicle tickles! I went through a phase where whenever anyone said this word, I’d start giggling. It might be because it sounded like an inappropriate part of the male body or because it reminded me of a bathroom stall, but I have a suspicion that it’s really because it’s a distant cousin of tenticle‘s, but with more curls and tendrils to tickle with. This word is basically my tickle monster.


This word makes me feel content, and it speaks of a lifestyle that I aspire to have. Full belly, time with family, vegetable-picking, stargazing, and cloud-watching are all things that come to mind when I think of satiated.


Sunshine is happiness. It’s times when I want to break out into a song, and times when I just want to dance the day away. Sunshine makes me want to be a bird and just glide through the air; it makes me want to be a horse out on the prairies, galloping hard with the herd; it’s the true magic that fills me with energy and laughter and love. Sunshine is an action in my weird dictionary of words.


What are some of your favorite words?
Why are they your favorite?


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Words

  1. What a beautiful choice of words you have there! I love sunshine too, also summer and afternoon, especially when they come together: summer afternoon. And the word love. I love these words because they make feel romantic. is an awesome tool to keep collection favorite words, I agree.

  2. I just looked through those links you provided, and I do have to agree that “cellar door” is a very nice pair of words. Oh, and I also really love “chrysanthemum” and “sunshine”. They are so pretty and always give happy thoughts! Also, ‘snicker’, ‘remedy’, ‘lovey-dovey’ (not sure if that is actually a word, but whatever, ‘joyouse’, ‘thousand’, and ‘blossom’. And if you would like to know a word I hate, I especially dislike ‘nostrils’. Just… I hate the sound.

    Oh, and I’m not a huge fan of ‘cubicle’ either, though that may just be because my teacher is really loving the surface area, lateral area, and geometric prisms part of the textbook. Note: I hate it. So yeah, ‘cubicle’ and I just don’t get along.

    • Hmm, I feel indifferent towards “cellar door”, but “cello drawers” seems like a pair of words I like more. 🙂 Ooh, “snicker” and “blossom” are pretty too! “Nostrils” amuses me and somehow reminds me of an elephant trunk, heehee. Nostrils. Nostrils. Nostrils. (Are you flinching yet?)

      Ooh math words! ❤ "prism" reminds me of colorful things and Sailor Moon, haha.

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