Weekly Paper (26)


Happy Easter! The highlight of my week was getting lots of binders of free. (It sounds kind of pathetic when I say it out loud, but boy, was I happy!) I also made and ate frozen grapes, the best study snack ever (when one is out of peanut butter).




Do you have any interesting news that you want to share? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Paper (26)

  1. Fangirling over Tamora Pierce books is always important! For some strange reason, she’s pretty much the only well known author to come to Ithaca since I’ve lived here (except E.O. Wilson, who I think of more as a scientist) and I couldn’t believe I had a chance to meet her. She’s just fantastic!


      So jealous you got to meet her! I’m always kind of scared of meeting authors for fear that I say something stupid (which I’ve done at previous author signings). But ahhhh Tamora Pierce!!!

      You just reminded me that I need to get my hands on Letters to a Young Scientist! But I get giddy about meeting scientists too – can I say that I ALMOST got to meet Bruce Ames? 😛

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