Weekly Paper (27)


This week was quite eventful – I got sick one day and got better the next, and I ate a gazillion pancakes and cookies while reading and watching food-related stuff. I might have to lay off on the food books for a while! (And can you believe April is almost over??)

Sorry for the lack of news this week, and feel free to share any links or posts that you found interesting!


  • I didn’t like Fever by Robin Cook at all. The characters and the plot just killed it, ugh.
  • I started a new battle feature of picky reader vs. picky eater showcasing food and books that I’m intimidated by. This week is Fifty Shades vs. raw oysters! 🌯



Do you have any interesting news that you want to share? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Paper (27)

  1. I’ve seen the dragon book list making the rounds and I love it too. Books about dragons are just so much fun! I also really liked the blog post on non-fiction you shared and will probably pass it on in my next non-fiction Friday post 🙂

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