Rain, Computer Death, and Hump Week

Hey guys, so my computer died this week because it got rained on. 😥 Long story. But I just revived it and hopefully it’ll survive for a bit longer – I’m not taking any chances though, so I’ll be spending a few days backing up my files and catching up on missed classes and assignments due to the temporary computer death.

So no posts from me this week! The only good thing about this week was that I got a lot of (pleasure) reading done since I had no computer to entertain me. Everything else seriously sucked. Lessons learned: get a waterproof backpack, always back up computer files, always back up files, and always back up files. Talk to you soon!

4 thoughts on “Rain, Computer Death, and Hump Week

  1. Oh dear, I can’t ‘like’ this post! A tragedy about the computer, but hopefully you’ll have have plenty of time to read. I think that what you really need is a nice, new, perfect notebook (maybe one with a ribbon bookmark??) to at least caress and smile at even if you aren’t sure what to write in it. 😉

  2. Eek! Hope you manage to back up everything and your computer doesn’t go kaput before then *fingers crossed*

    Glad you at least got to get some extra reading time in, despite how it happened!

    • Thanks, Christine! I set it out to dry for a few days and it’s working much better now! I think my computer’s still not perfectly recovered, but I just want it to survive for a few more months. (Or years!) 🙂

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