Picky Reader vs. Picky Eater (2): Sophisticated Showdown

Picky Reader vs. Picky Eater

Picky Reader vs. Picky Eater is a sporadic feature that showcases books and food that intimidate me. Each round, one book and one food item will battle it out to the bitter end… and with your help, ONE will become the victor. Let’s get ready to rrrrrumble!

I’m glad many of you are enjoying this new feature! Raw oysters beat out Fifty Shades in the first round of PRPE, but good points were brought to my attention about the potential adverse health effects of raw oysters, so it’s a bitter victory. Today’s contestants represent another sophisticated and posh pairing that exudes fanciness and fear-inducing pheromones. This totally feels like a sword fight between an Englishman and a Frenchman. En garde!

PRPE Round 2

Basically anything Charles Dickens intimidates me, but Great Expectations gives me an enormous amount of pressure. Sometimes I avoid going into my room because this book stares me down… eep! I tell myself that I’ll eventually read this, but I’ve been telling myself that for over ten years. This is cheating, but I actually love pâté and liver, so liver pâté sounds AMAZING. Liver has a distinct smell and texture that I just enjoy. Some people hate it though, which is why this is a legit contestant for today’s battle. (Seeing and cooking raw liver is probably the only thing I don’t like about liver as a food item!)
Verdict: Bribe me with enough liver and I can probably read Great Expectations. Otherwise, no deal.

18 thoughts on “Picky Reader vs. Picky Eater (2): Sophisticated Showdown

  1. Gonna go with the book again! I’ve actually been wanting to read Charles Dickens’ works outside of A Christmas Carol for awhile now, but I still have yet to pick them up. Someday, though, someday!

    • Ahhh I feel like a picky reader, haha! A Christmas Carol is probably the Dickens book that I’m most likely to read out of all of his books, but I know the plot already, so I’m waiting until my brain starts to forget it so that I can read it with a new perspective. 🙂

      • *Laughs* That’s okay, the world needs both picky eaters and picky readers! 😀

        Yeah, that’s the problem with A Christmas Carol, the plot is so well known! I went into it without trying to block out everything I knew about it from various adaptations I had seen and it still managed to be different from what I was expecting. Though the adaptations I had seen weren’t entirely true to the story and left out quite a lot. Hopefully if your brain doesn’t forget the plot, the same will be true for any you’ve seen!

    • Wow, that sounds pretty awful, Michelle! I have to admit that I have no clue what Great Expectations is about, but this definitely makes me not want to read it at all.

      And more liver for me, muahaha! 😛

  2. I really have no interest in Charles Dickens, except for maybe the Winter play that Silver Dollar city has based on A Christmas Carol, so I will have to go with liver pâté, whatever the heck that is. Believe it or not, but I have never eaten liver before. My dad is the main cook of the family and he hates it– to explain the grossness of liver, he tells a story about how a dog he had that liked to roll around in, uh, poop (I don’t want to messy your blog with THE WORD!) also rolled around in the liver my dad threw outside to keep from eating it.

    So yeah. I have yet to try liver. Or Charles Dickens. But I don’t really want to read Charles Dickens. I want to try liver, though. Liver pâté it is 😀

    • You almost ruined liver for me, Lesley! D: but I forgive you, since you still (amazingly) want to try liver pâté even after your dad told you that gross liver story! Another food-that-kind-of-resembles-bodily-excretions is okra, and I’ve had people tell me that it looks/feels like snot. (And one time when I was younger, I wasn’t sure if I sneezed in my bowl or if it was just the okra, but I ate whatever-it-is anyway. There’s my gross food story.)

  3. Well I have never read Great Expectations (I did love Oliver Twist though), but it couldn’t “taste” as bad as liver pâté (my parents LOVE it, but I can’t stand it) Going with the book this time~

    • Looks like Great Expectations is winning this round! Oh, and you just reminded me that I have read a Dickens book! (I don’t know if the Oliver Twist I read was a children’s version or not though, haha…) 🙂

  4. I haven’t read “Great Expectations,” but “Tale of Two Cities” is one of the most beautiful and powerful books I’ve ever read, and I also have a great and inexplicable fondness for “David Copperfield.” (Truly, Uriah Heep is the CREEPIEST PERSON EVER WRITTEN)

    • Meh, I’d rather read Gail Carson Levine’s A Tale of Two Castles than A Tale of Two Cities, haha 😛 But David Copperfield sounds interesting, mostly because Uriah Heep is described as “eternally humble yet treacherous”… (CREEPY goosebumps or CREEPY pee-your-pants-creepy??)

      • Creepy BOTH. Just SO CREEPY. He’s so slimy.

        But how can you not love the inspiring heroism and friendship from Tale of Two Cities? Although A Tale of Two Castles wasn’t that bad either lol

  5. Haha this is such a cute feature. I picked neither!! I tried to read Great Expectations a couple months ago and got, like, 20 pages in before I had to DNF. I just couldn’t do it!! And I normally like classics! Ugh. Good luck to you!

    • Thanks, Miranda! 😀 I’ve heard such mixed thoughts about Great Expectations, haha… I think I have trouble with classics in general though, but hopefully I’ll have enough courage one day to actually OPEN this book!

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