Picky Reader vs. Picky Eater (3): Scary Showdown

Picky Reader vs. Picky Eater

Picky Reader vs. Picky Eater is a sporadic feature that showcases books and food that intimidate me. Each round, one book and one food item will battle it out to the bitter end… and with your help, ONE will become the victor. Let’s get ready to rrrrrumble!

In Round 2, Great Expectations beat liver pâté to a bloody pulp, despite the thunderous support that liver pâté got from the audience/commenters. This week’s contestants epitomize truly intimidating books and foods; dubbed “scariest book” and “most offensive food” by some, this match will probably be one of the toughest in PRPE history. Who are you rooting for?

Picky Reader vs. Picky Eater: Round 3

Ahhh, Stephen King. Yet another author that intimidates me. I refuse to watch horror movies, so horror novels are a no go for me. If I was left on a desert island with only one book and it’s THIS book, I will gladly use It to start a fire and never have to read it. This book is infinitely scarier than all of King’s other works because there’s a clown on the cover. *shudders* I used to avoid cilantro like the plague. And for most cilantrophobes, it might be genetic, so you’re not really picky – you’re just not hardwired to eat cilantro! #denial I have since gotten over my fear/digust (by forcing myself to eat lots of it whenever I can), but if I don’t have to eat it, I won’t.
Verdict: Cilantro all the way! But really, only if I had to choose – I’m perfectly okay with not reading It and not eating cilantro.

10 thoughts on “Picky Reader vs. Picky Eater (3): Scary Showdown

  1. For the first time I’m going to be a picky reader! While I do want to read a Stephen King novel (mostly just to say I have), “It” is definitely a no-no for me! *runs and hides*

    • Ahhh, I know right? I’ve even bought Stephen King hardcovers and planned to read them, and then chickened out. 😳

      But one day, one day…

  2. I admit I would be scare to death to read this book! Even at daylight, but I don’t know, maybe someday I will. On the other hand cilantro has never bothered me much. Not my favourite, but in a salad mix I would barely notice…so I guess this time around the food wins.

    • Agreed! Even during the day, I’d have to lock my door and check under my bed and in my closet before I start reading It, haha… and cilantro, meh. I feel like I’m putting people between a rock and a hard place this round!

  3. I’ve heard that some people actually have an allele of a particular gene which makes cilantro taste like soap and I think I’m one of those people. Although I’d rather eat cilantro than watch It, I think books are far less scary than movies, so I’d go for the Stephen King 🙂

    • Ahaha, I saw research on that too! What kind of soap does cilantro smell like? 😛 And I agree, books are less scary than movies, but they still bejeezus out of me!

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