Weekly Paper (32)

newsI’ve been so productive this week that it’s scary – I officially joined my permanent lab and started reading papers and taking notes and preparing binders for all the different projects my boss is involved in; I worked out and went out running at 7AM when it’s not super hot; I planned weekend trips to see my girlfriends; I bought furniture; and I wrote blog posts! (This won’t last, I can just feel it…)

AND AND Nadal vs. Djokovic tomorrow at the finals for French Open! Tennis and peanut butter time. 😀




Do you have any interesting news that you want to share? Let me know!


5 thoughts on “Weekly Paper (32)

  1. Yay for productivity!

    I think I’m developing a crush on Matt Haig… Is that bad? Oh, well, I AM NOT ASHAMED >:D Honestly, that Slate article was the worst 😦 Oh, and I got the Girl Just Trying to Figure Shit Out… I can easily imagine me being that girl if I fell into a YA Fantasy… I’m kind of like that in real life, actually O_O “Hey, what you all laughing at?” “LOL” “What is it?” “LOL” “I DON’T KNOW PLEASE TELL ME I CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT!” _< Duh, Lesley, duh.

    And that Book Girls article… ❤

    • It’s okay, I have a slight crush on Matt Haig too! 😀 LOL, I can totally see you as the girl just trying to figure shit out; your mini convo with yourself made me laugh, haha. 😛

      • Eek, the conversation isn’t with myself, but a conversation I have on a nearly weekly basic with my group of friends… They are always reacting to things and I don’t know what they are reacting to AND THEY NEVER TELL ME! So I’m left all confused and scrambling to find things that could make the reaction happen BUT I CAN’T! And then they’ll tell me hours later and it’ll be something totally obvious, like a pet doing something weird with peanut butter ( :O ) or something.

        Although, I do have those moments when I just crack up without knowing why. But then it’s not me talking to myself but my best friend looking at me wondering if I got into “stuffs” behind her back. (My bestie and I have this prediction that one of us will end up in jail one day. And then the one that isn’t in jail will become rich by publishing a bestselling autobiography called Being Best Friends With a Criminal: Surviving Years of Manipulation and Threats, and saying “she was such a strange child” to reporters, hopefully becoming a meme in the process.)

        • Ohhh I see, haha! 😛 “Although, I do have those moments when I just crack up without knowing why.” <- But this cancels out every sane thing you said in the first paragraph!

          So… how do you decide which one of you ends up in jail I don’t want to know. >_<

          • “But this cancels out every sane thing you said in the first paragraph!” <—Shhh. I'm just the girl trying to figure shit out! I DON'T SAY THINGS WELL!

            Um. I guess we're just waiting to see who does the first criminal act?

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