Paper Puffs (36)

newsWhy hello there, long time no talk! I’ve decided on the spur of the moment to rename Weekly Papers because I feel bad for not updating these every week… so taking inspiration from those puff pieces in newspapers, these are now Paper Puffs! Whaddya think, whaddya think? The major difference is that these might be more sporatic and lengthy, because I’m still going to try to get these out on Saturdays, but they’ll include everything since the last puff piece. (I’m totally butchering the way “puff piece” is supposed to be used, aren’t I?)

My life is pretty hectic right now, and I can’t even procrastinate by writing book reviews or blog posts like I did last year! I procrastinate by doing homework or reading papers, and sometimes I procrastinate by exercising while watching The Biggest Loser because it makes me feel like I’m taking care of my body. Womp womp. (But who’s watching that show?? I’m absolutely loving the two new trainers!)

Blog-wise, have you noticed the new and kind of boring theme? I just felt like I needed something simple, and hopefully the change is as refreshing for you guys as it is for me. And book-wise, I think I have a problem – I’m officially taking a step back and admitting that I’M A BOOK HOARDER. Ahhhh! You may have remembered me showing pictures of my books in the past and wonder why I haven’t reviewed or mentioned most of them here, and that’s because I hoard faster than I read. Ugh. Here are some new (but actually old?) books I’ve added to my collection since my last update:





Do you have any interesting news that you want to share? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “Paper Puffs (36)

      • Ahhhh thank you for putting up with me making that mistake like every single day 😦 I swear I’ll triple-check next time!!

        I’m glad I made your week, haha… you and your blog inspire me so much! 🐻 (btw, I tried to organize my books by color like you did and failed big time – I think the books I have just come in super weird colors like not-quite-blue and too-brown-to-be-red…)

  1. No worries. You remember my name, which at the end of the day makes me much happier 😉 This means that I can change my blog name all over again and you probably won’t care, as long as I’m behind it 😀

    That’s always nice to hear! I hope I’ll continue to make a difference. Hoho. *hugs back*

    Ah, yeah. The problem of how to shelve books. I used to shelve purely by size up to last year. Then I split by language and fiction vs non-fiction, while still sticking to size. Then I started arranging them by author within the language & NF vs F system because that’s the easiest way to locate books. Trouble is, since I have square cubbies, there always where gaps, which I hate. That’s why I recently tried colour.

    Incidentally, I had to take out all the books from my shelf today because my family needed to move the shelf, so my sister had space to move bulky stuff around within the apartment. Now I’m in the midst of sorting through all the books. I expanded colour organisation to all the fiction books regardless of language now. Surprisingly, that seems to work out ok.

    I have some dark greens with the blacks and mixed two browns with oranges and orangey reds. I wish I could do ombre but then I’d have to rearrange every single book whenever I add new books, so I’m not even going to try that. Lol. Although, I’ll need to figure out with the spines that have more than one dominant colour. Maybe I’ll use one cubby for multi-coloured spines.

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