Paper Puffs (37)

newsHappy Thanksgiving! Some days I wish I could live right at the border (like, on the Ambassador Bridge or something) so that I get both Canadian and American Thanksgiving off. Alas, I get to go into lab this weekend, which is ALMOST as fun as eating pumpkin pie and being at home with my family. ALMOST.

I submitted my first fellowship application this week and am now frantically trying to resume all research projects and experiments, and it’s almost as though I forgot everything I learned about lab work in the last two weeks when I had my butt glued to my chair in front of the computer… :developer: but at least I got one thing done this fall! I have two more weeks of hardcore classwork before I can go crazy on the research until December, and now I understand why they say that you get nothing done in second year. Wayyy too much classwork.

Anyway, on to book-related happenings – I get so excited when I think about November!!! Sci-Fi November and Nonfiction November are coming up, and like last year, I will try my best to participate in both since they’re both awesome genres with some amazing supporters!




  • Adam Mansbach, the author of Go the F**k to Sleep, has a new book coming out November called You Have to F**ing Eat. I have to wonder how long his inappropriate books will last.
  • Here’s an interesting infographic of unusual work habits of famous authors created by Ninja Essays. Oh, J.D. Salinger… ❤

Do you have any interesting news that you want to share? Let me know!


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