Bookish People on the Bus

So I was on the bus today reading a book, and I noticed someone grabbing the seat next to me and opening her book to start reading too. Awkward bus etiquette dictates that I don’t look at the person sitting next to me or what she’s reading, but throughout the rest of the ride I felt like I met a kindred spirit. Do bookish people tend to gravitate towards one another? Do you feel more compelled to sit next to someone who’s reading and open your book too so that your books can talk to each other like how dogs sniff-greet each other when they cross paths on the sidewalk?


6 thoughts on “Bookish People on the Bus

    • Oh, I so agree! I have a hard enough time peeking at physical books without looking like a creep, and e-readers are the bane of my book-stalking existence… I wish I was brave enough to go up to someone and ask what they’re reading though.

    • I hope you meant book spines, since I’d have a LOT of trouble reading nook spines, haha! πŸ˜‰ It’s also hard when people place books on their laps (which I do too) instead of holding it right in front of their face, sigh…

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