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I’ve been ready for this since the beginning of October – okay fine, I’ve been ready for this since last year’s Sci-Fi November! This year, Rinn is co-hosting the event with Kelley, Asti, and Leanne so it’s going to be double the fun!

My main breakthrough in sci-fi reading is when I discovered Anne McCaffrey’s dragon books and then found out about her more futuristic sci-fi books later on. Since then, I’ve been dabbling in sci-fi here and there, but I’m still more likely to go “Ooooh, dragons!” than “Oh cool, spaceships!” Sci-Fi November gives me a chance to focus on the spaceships and the cool gadgets and science stuff, and it also allows me to find awesome sci-fi books and meet other sci-fi lovers.

One goal I have for this month is to make some progress on my sci-fi bingo board from last year. To date, I still haven’t finished ONE. SINGLE. BINGO. 😦 But I’m getting so close! My worst nightmare aka dream come true will be if someone makes a new pretty bingo board for Sci-Fi November this year. I swear I can’t stay away from these things!


  • Science fiction book reviews every Tuesday!
  • Discussions about sci-fi books, shows, trends, creations, etc.
  • Start watching Doctor Who! (Any suggestions on where to start? Will I get kicked out of the club if I say that I don’t really know what the show’s about, except that there’s a time-travelling doctor?)

So let’s get this sci-fi party started! How are you celebrating science fiction this month?


8 thoughts on “Loading Sci-Fi November…

  1. I am super curious to hear your thoughts on trends in sci-fi. Unfortunately, I don’t watch Dr. Who (shhh…. don’t tell) so I don’t know a good place to start. Though one of my best friends watches it and I believe the key is which doctor you begin with. Christopher Eccleston was a very good doctor, but I believe David Tennant is better. Start somewhere in there 🙂

    • Thanks Annie! I have a few ideas, and I’m looking forward to hearing what other people think are the emerging sci-fi trends too. And I won’t tell if you won’t tell, haha 😉 thanks for the suggestion! A friend told me to start watching from The Eleventh Hour which has Matt Smith as the Doctor (do people not get confused by the sheer number of Doctors??) but I’m still debating…

  2. I frelling adore Anne McCaffrey! I’m more of a dragons girl myself, so fantasy was a bit of a gateway to sci-fi for me. Most of my sci-fi has come from her and from Madeleine L’Engle. I know you’re less of a spaceship girl but have you tried her Brainship series? It’s amazing, and one of the only books that deals with disabilities in sci-fi.

    As for Doctor Who, not having watched the classic Who, I can’t comment much on it, but I’ve heard it’s rather sexist, and of course budgets back then for sci-fi were particularly low. Personally I think starting with at the beginning of the reboot is the way to go. Christopher Eccleston is just not given enough credit for his role in Doctor Who. Without him, we wouldn’t have Doctor Who where it is now. He was only in for a season, but he’s a big reason why the show had a next season. The show is a wonderful mix of campy sci-fi and the more intense stuff we see more often these days. The first few episodes definitely land on the campy side, and they’re wonderfully ridiculous! If that’s less your style, give it a few more and you start getting the grit 🙂

    • I’ve never read McCaffrey’s Brainship series, but it sounds really interesting! I just started her Crystal Singer series yesterday because I had the first book on hand, and despite some things that bugged me, I ended up liking it! I can’t stay away from her stories. 🙂

      And thanks for the suggestions on Doctor Who! One reason why I haven’t started watching it was that I heard that it was kind of scary (which might be similar to the “intense stuff” you referenced?) but looks like I’ll just have to try it out and see if I like it.

  3. Haha, I’ve been ready since then too 😉 Although I feel so unprepared now, I really wish I’d written some posts before coming to uni but it felt far too early in August…

    With Doctor Who, I say start with new Who (Christopher Eccleston onwards) just so you get the full introduction. I don’t like him so much as the Doctor, it gets way better with David Tennant but Eccleston is only in it for one series 🙂

    • I feel so unprepared too! I’ve had to move some of my planned posts to next month or even later because I just don’t have the time now to write them. Next year I’ll probably start in August… if I remember to. 😛

      And thanks for the suggestion! Looks like everyone’s recommending that I start from Christopher Eccleston’s era-ish, so that’s where I’ll start next weekend. 😀

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