Mini Reviews: The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern & Turned On and Off

It’s December… which means time for some comfort reads, oh yeah! The great thing about the Cat Who… series is that it’s like a neverending adventure that I can start and pick up whenever. And interesting fact: I started to collect cat-related things after starting this series – I even have metallic cat bookends, a motivational cat poster, glass cat figurines, and those cat-in-a-basket dolls! 🐱

The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern

Qwilleran is back in this second book in the Cat Who… series with a new assignment at The Daily Fluxion. This time it’s interior decorating, and obviously Qwill is just as outraged this time as he was when he got stuck with the art scene reporting last time. I think the plot in this one was slightly more complicated than that of The Cat Who Could Read Backwards because of the number of characters and conspiracies, but it never felt overwhelming. But again, the lack of explicitness of the action and the murder scenes is actually a bit off-putting for me, and the POW WHAM CRASH sound effects got a little boring. (I also read this soon after reading The Cat Who Could Read Backwards, so next time I’ll probably space these “cozy” mysteries out a bit more.) Yum Yum makes her first appearance in this one, so I’m very excited for the next book!

The Cat Who Turned On and Off

Title: The Cat Who Turned On and Off
Author: Lilian Jackson Braun
Series: Cat Who… #3
Publication Date: 1968
Category: (Adult Fiction) Mystery / Cats

Qwill is doing a Christmas piece for Junktown, a rundown part of the city where antique dealers and collectors gather. He manages to find a new home in Junktown for him, Koko, and Yum Yum, but when he discovers that a prominent Junktown citizen had fallen to his death recently, Qwill had a suspicion that it might’ve not been an accident. This third book in the series also introduces Mrs. Cobb, Qwill’s new flirtatious and food-making landlady, who also shows up in later books. I didn’t like the plot of this book as much as some of the others, and I think it was because there were so many suspects and unpleasant personalities. However, Qwill – once again – is very fun to watch, and Koko and Yum Yum are quite the pair.


4 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern & Turned On and Off

  1. I enjoy this series, if I’m in the right mood. It doesn’t always make sense and sometimes the writing is kind of silly (I noticed all the sound effects too!), but the books are nice, light reads and I do like that the cat is so often the hero. It’s a cute little series 🙂

    • I agree, getting into the right mood for these books are a must! For some reason, I have a higher tolerance for this series than most other “cozy mystery” series, so I’m always thankful that I have these Cat Who books to fall back on when I want something cute. 😉

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