My New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

My new year’s resolutions last year were short and sweet, and I think I fared pretty well with them. But for 2015, I wanted more specific goals that will allow me to enjoy reading and blogging while taking off some of the pressure that comes along with both when real-life obligations hit.2015resolutions

1. Read what I want to read. My resolution to BE BOLD last year got me reading books that I otherwise wouldn’t have read, but I also learned that there are books that just don’t interest me. This year, I want to read books that I feel good about, instead of hyped up books or books that I think I should read. I still have to finish some books I got last year that I’ve felt iffy about since I started them, but I’ve already culled a few of them out. I actually prided myself on finishing ALL THE BOOKS even if it took me months, but I’m ready to save myself the time and torture of reading books I don’t want to read. (Finally joining the #unfinishedbooks club, huzzah!)

2. Think more efficiently. I spend too much time writing blog posts! It takes me, like, an hour or more just to make one post acceptable by my standards, haha. Part of it is because I enjoy doing it and it gives me an excuse to procrastinate… but now I just don’t have the time! This also means that I need to write out my thoughts right after finishing a book, and not months later. Thinking more efficiently is one of my main goals for the year since, honestly, I take my own sweet time doing pretty much everything, and I end up wasting a lot of time that could have been spent more productively. (This also means that I probably won’t have time to examine all aspects of the books I read, but hey, hopefully I get to keep my sanity this year!)

3. Put myself out there. I need a place to rant when I’m stressed, but I’m also afraid of putting myself out there with all that’s gone on this past year about blogger anonymity and the dangers of revealing too much personal info. BUT, instead of starting another blog about my pitiful grad school life (which I tried and couldn’t keep up with because too many blogs and only one me), I thought, “Why not just tweet everything under one account?” And if that means I confuse some of you by talking about my PI (principal investigator, aka The Boss) or whining about my experiments not working, I’m so sorry in advance! BUT IT’S HAPPENING. 🙂 I’ll try to limit my grad school self to Twitter though!

Did you make any new year’s resolutions this year?
What do you want to do differently this year?


6 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

  1. Those are great resolutions. It’s so important as a blogger to not let ourselves get burnt out on it, even though it definitely happens. I so need to Think Efficiently too.
    -Maria, the Paisley Reader

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