Fairy Tale Book Tag: True Love, Princesses, and Midnight Magic

What better way to start February, the month of LURRRVE, with a fairy tale book tag? (Because Valentine’s Day actually lasts the entire month, FYI.) I was super excited for Mel’s fairytale survey when she created it last year, and bided my time for the perfect moment (and the perfect graphics!) to unleash my answers. Aaand going along with my new year’s resolutions of putting myself out there, this list includes some guilty pleasures, confessions, and some maybe surprises. 😉

Nalini Singh’s Angels’ Blood. Sooo not sure if it counts as lying, but I basically don’t talk about my guilty pleasures, aka paranormal romance. I had this phase a while ago where I’d go crazy over these mainstream adult romance books and OMG so much smutty goodness!!! I’ve been trying to keep Paper Breathers somewhat PG-ish (except for this teensy little bit), but I might start talking more about adult romance at some point in the very far future.


Ellen Raskin’s The Westing GameLike, really? All of the four-or-so covers for this book suck. Big time. I want something modern and charming, preferably with Turtle on the cover, kthxbye. 🐢


Alice Hoffman’s The DovekeepersSeriously, I blame the shiny spine. I can never resist the books that have shimmery text on the cover, sigh… not sure if this one is for me though. I happen to own a lot of Alice Hoffman books, and yet the only ones I’ve read are Aquamarine and Indigo. And that was when Scholastic was offering a deal where I could get both of them AND two pretty friendship bracelets made of aquamarine-colored beads.


Lucy Maud Montgomery’s The Blue Castle. This book was like my version of The Notebook that I just read over and over again, from cover to cover. Valancy Stirling and Barney Snaith have that kind of comfortableness and contentment that just works, with none of that drama or flair.


Cesar Millan’s How to Raise the Perfect Dog. I don’t own a dog, so… 🐶 I’ve been watching Dog Whisperer for a while, which is why I picked up Cesar’s book. And it was really good! If I ever get a dog (which I will one day, mark my words!) I will read this book again.


Tamora Pierce’s Lady Knight. Powered through this quartet like a beast. Tammy’s books are just AMAZING and this series, in particular, is SPECTACULAR. INSPIRING. RIVETING. Okay okay, I’ll stop. But OMG. 💕


Katie Heaney’s Never Have I Ever. Biggest disappointment ever, ’nuff said.

Did any particular books come to mind when you went through this list?
Which book tags have you enjoyed doing?


10 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Book Tag: True Love, Princesses, and Midnight Magic

  1. First off: amazing graphics! You should definitely talk about all the books you like. There is no shame in it 🙂 It’s always a shame when bad covers happen to good books. I really want to read a Tamora Pierce book this years.

    Thanks for doing the tag :D!

    • Thanks, Mel! I got so inspired by your tag. (Can’t wait to do the second part of it too! ;)) And you’re right, I should try to talk about my guilty pleasure books more, hehe. And yessss READ ONE!!!! 😀

  2. This post was so much fun!!

    AND I GOT SO EXCITED WHEN YOU MENTIONED ‘THE BLUE CASTLE’!!!!! So much love for that book!!! While Montgomery is (rightly so) famous for her ‘Anne’ series, ‘The Blue Castle’ and ‘Jane of Lantern Hill’ are two of my all-time faves (even though they’re a lot different, really). Seriously, one of my favorite passages in any book ever is the one in ‘The Blue Castle’ where, at the family dinner, Valancy just starts saying whatever she’s thinking. That bit about one of the relatives saying they were bitten by a dog and, when asked where, responding “A little past the Catholic church” and Valancy asking if that’s a vital part… ah, good times. But yes, I love everything about that book, and Barney has to be one of my earliest book-crushes, and maybe the first one who was more in the ruggedly-good-looking/mysterious past category (actually, Gilbert Blythe was another early crush, so maybe Montgomery just writes guys I like??). Wow, you’ve totally made me want to read that book again! So much love!! AND while my copy is just a normal paperback it DID come from Prince Edward Island… Grandma brought it back when she was there. Someday I’ll visit it myself!

    • OMG YES THAT PASSAGE ABOUT THE DOG BITE!!! 😀 My second favorite scene is the one where Valancy and Barney were on the road and ran out of gas, and Uncle Wellington had to help them out. 😀 And wow, I’ve passed by PEI (didn’t have time to visit the Green Gables house though!) and I definitely want to go back again… PEI’s just really beautiful. I’m planning on re-reading The Blue Castle this year for sure! 🙂

  3. 1. Aquamarine and Indigo is DEFINITELY not representative of her books hahah! I haven’t got my hands on The Dovekeepers yet, but she is one of my favourites. She’s not for everyone though – I tend to like really pretty prose and magic realism (there’s usually a hint of it in her books), so it’s like the perfect combo for me.
    2. My library doesn’t have The Blue Castle!!! WHY?? And my last library didn’t either! I was so shocked because I’ve heard so many people talk about it, I just assumed the library would have it. So I have yet to read it *grumble grumble*
    3. I am so excited you loved the Kel quartet!! I did a post on my blog a couple months ago about how underappreciated I think Kel is. I actually love both of her least popular heroines – Kel and Aly. I think people just find Kel kind of boring and I think it’s a shame because she encompasses a lot of great qualities in people…that are also underappreciated. I could go on and on about how much I love her (really I love ALL Tamora Pierce’s MC’s, I just get defensive about Kel because no one seems to love her as much as I do!)

    • 1. Oooh I see! Do you have a favorite Alice Hoffman book? For some reason, everytime I see one of her books I feel the need to get it lol. 😛
      2. OH NO!!! 😦 Project Gutenberg might have it, since they have a lot of L.M. Montgomery books? I actually got my from a library book sale a long long time ago, so I’m not sure if libraries have a thing against it or if that was an extra that they didn’t need, haha…
      3. Yay, another Kel-lover! I didn’t know that Kel and Aly were the least popular, but if I had to place the Tortall heroines in order of most favorite to least, it’d be Kel > Daine > Aly > Alanna (although I still really really like Alanna!). Kel’s the lone quiet character amongst the other cheerful/spirited protagonists, and I think I like her best partly because her personality’s the most similar to mine. 🙂

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