I’m Back!

I JUST realized that I never officially went on haitus and just left with nary a word (except for Tweeting about it). Many apologies! For those of you who didn’t know, I was studying for quals, took them, didn’t pass them, and had to retake them. This is what that process looked like:

My entire summer was basically gone, and it was not a pleasant experience. I did read some books – especially after I found out I didn’t pass (Tamora Pierce novels for the win!) – but I haven’t been writing about what I’ve been reading or even thinking about doing so. But now that I’ve survived, I’m (kind of, sort of) back!

I say “kind of, sort of” mostly because I’ll still be taking classes this fall, and getting my thesis committee together, so THINGS ARE GETTING REAL. On the blog, I’ll still be posting reviews and trying to get my bingo cards filled out, but you may see less of bookish news and more rants, simply because I won’t have the time to compile everything that I’ve read and liked. (Watch out for my Retweets though, since I’ll be sharing other bookish news/posts that way!)

As always, thank you for sticking around or passing by – I really appreciate it! Blogging is never easy, especially when real life takes priority, but I enjoy the book community and reviewing books so much that I keep coming back, haha. 😊


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