Paper Puffs (44)

newsHappy Labor Day weekend to my U.S. friends! I hope everyone can enjoy this last peaceful weekend before the chaos of school and work starts again. I’m also taking this opportunity to relax and prepare some bookish things so that I don’t disappear off of the face of the Internet again, haha. 😋

A surprising number of bookish things has happened since I last focused on bookish things. I finished my first book bingo!!!! (It wasn’t the first one that I started so, but let’s ignore that for a second.) I read quite a number of books (especially after I failed my first quals attempt – binge-reading > binge-eating) that I now need to write reviews/rants for. And I’ve bookmarked some interesting articles (but kind of old at this point, sorry!) from the local book community and the world of Internet-ness that I will now share below.




  • A book that claims to make kids fall asleep using psychological techniques? Sign me up! Parents have been concerned about how “manipulative” it is though… (but I thought parents are supposed to be manipulative? Haha.)
  • The drinkable book project was publicized last year, but recently came up in the news again. Hoping to see more progress and implementation in the near future!
  • Oliver Sacks recently passed away. 😟

Any new interesting bookish news that I missed?
Please leave them in the comments below!


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