Review: My True Love Gave to Me by Stephanie Perkins

My True Love Gave to Me
Happy 107-days-until-Christmas! 🎅🎄⛄❄ I read this anthology last Christmas, and finally got the chance to review it. Anthology stories are always hit or miss, and this one is no different. These young adult stories were amusing and likable at best, and the good thing is that if a story is boring, it’s not that long anyway. My True Love Gave to Me is a nice little collection of short stories that are more or less holiday-ish, and has some unique characters and plots that did capture my attention.

Stories, Ranked

First of all, I’ve heard of most of these authors but have only read books from less than half of them (David Levithan, Kiersten White, Ally Carter, Laini Taylor). I’m not introducing the stories because that’d give away 70% of the plots, haha. Now, starting from my favorite, this is the rough order for how much I liked the stories…

It’s a Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown by Stephanie Perkins. I’m impressed by how this story centers around two strangers getting to know each other (okay, some of the others stories are like that too) but it just feels so natural and happy!

The Girl Who Woke the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. This was beautiful. Fantasy done right!

Midnights by Rainbow Rowell. Four years’ worth of relationship-building in the span of four New Year’s Eve parties. Short and sweet – this makes me want to read Rainbow Rowell’s books! (I know, I know, they’ve been on my list for way to long…)

Welcome to Christmas, CA by Kiersten White. FOOOOOOD! 🍩🍮🍰🍪 Oh, and the storyline’s not too shabby either.

What the Hell Have You Done, Sophie Roth? by Gayle Forman. I found a new food combo from this story which I’m dying to try, and the characters and their conversations are superb. Cream of the crop. Cheese on top of the apple pie. (Oops, I gave away the magical food combo!)

Star of Bethlehem by Ally Carter. I haven’t read Ally Carter in a while, but this story is definitely her style. So much adventure and suspense crammed into a few pages!

Beer Buckets and Baby Jesus by Myra McEntire. Cheeky conversations, a male POV, and camels and sheep and swear jars. Male POVs are always so interesting to read, and I did like the character development in this story.

Angels in the Snow by Matt de la Peña. This was a fun story with a lot of familial and romantic love. I liked this story more for the former than the latter.

Krampuslauf by Holly Black. MAGIC IS REAL. A crazy party story that was a bit chaotic but wrapped up nicely. I especially liked this line:

With dawn of the new year on the horizon, I resolved to exert my will on the world.

Your Temporary Santa by David Levithan. There are distinct parts that I liked and disliked in this story. I liked the funny and sweet parts, but some of the upsetting parts seemed (to me) unnecessary. But I guess a story where everything goes well might be a bit boring?

The Lady and the Fox by Kelly Link. This is another holiday-through-the-years – the setting is forever Christmastime. This story was a little confusing to me, because I didn’t understand the point of some of the details put into the story. However, it feels like a contemporary folk tale fusion thing with a little speck of magic.

Polaris is Where You’ll Find Me by Jenny Han. Another confusing story with some complicated relationships and feelings. Very interesting plot though, but I didn’t like where it went and how it ended.


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