What Makes You Laugh? My Favorite Comedians

I’m that person who laughed until tears came out at the “What’s brown and sticky?” joke. 😅 I think my laugh points are just a little different from my close friends, but I’m sure that there are many people in the world who laugh at the same things I laugh at! After reading Bossypants (which had its funny moments), I thought I would share who I find funny and see if you guys find them funny too. (I haven’t finished reading Ha! yet, so I can’t really talk about the research behind humor and why funny things are funny to some people but not others…)

1. Russell Peters: My first introduction into the world of comedy is from a psychology class in high school, where we watched Canadian comedian Russell Peters. I totally cracked up laughing in class and couldn’t stop, and it’s all due to this guy! His comedic style is mainly based on racial/cultural stereotypes and observations of everyday life, and I just find his punchlines and impersonations super funny. (Interestingly, I find him less funny now…)

2. Trevor Noah: I discovered Trevor Noah, a South American comedian, just before the announcement of him replacing Jon Stewart came out. (Jon Stewart is also AMAZING, btw!) His impressions are amazing (I seem to reaaaally like impressions, haha), and similar to Russell Peters, his style is based on cultural observations.

3. Whose Line Is It Anyway? (U.S. Version): In college, this is the show that I marathoned when I was done my exams. Colin MochrieWayne Brady, and Ryan Stiles are SOOO FUNNY!!! (Especially with the phenomenal Robin Williams! 🙌)

These are the three comedians/shows that I like to watch, and I tend to just stick to these since I know they make me laugh. They don’t make everyone laugh, however; I’ve shown a friend (a Jon Stewart fan) Trevor Noah, and she didn’t laugh AT ALL. I’ve had my dad tell me jokes that made him crack up, but that I didn’t laugh to at all. Now that I know Tina Fey makes me laugh, I’ll have to look into her stuff too.

Do you find these comedians funny?
Who makes you laugh?

3 thoughts on “What Makes You Laugh? My Favorite Comedians

  1. Sophie, have you ever listened to Mike Birbiglia? His album ‘Two Drink Mike’ makes me laugh 100% of the time, and the words “What I should have said was :;nothing:: What I said was – ‘You’d be surprised’ ” have become a permanent part of my family’s vernacular!

    • I haven’t! But I just checked him out on Youtube, and I find him pretty funny… I was grinning throughout the entire “What I should have said was nothing” video haha. 😀

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