Review: How to Raise the Perfect Dog by Cesar Millan

How to Raise the Perfect Dog
Honestly, this is NOT an excuse for me to use all the puppy gifs! I don’t know if I’m qualified to review this book, since I don’t own a dog. However, I DO plan to own a dog at some point in the (far) future (when I’m out of school), so I think I’m still within the target audience for How to Raise the Perfect Dog! Cesar lays out some simple but important guidelines to how to train your dog from puppyhood onwards, and it’s nice reading about his own experiences, which are interspersed between the lessons. Great reference book that I’ll definitely reread again when my plans to own a dog become more concrete! 🐶


Because some people don’t want another Marley…


I’m a huge fan of Cesar’s Dog Whisperer show, which – for me – is evidence of his expertise in the area of canine training. Obviously, different trainers may have different ways of approaching dog problems, but Cesar has years of experience doing it his way and seeing results. This book is like a compilation of all of the advice that he gives in his show, and he and co-author Melissa were able to present his ideas in a simple and clear manner. The writing isn’t bad in that it didn’t bore me, but I would say that I mainly focused on the content rather than the way it was presented. I also really liked the fact that Cesar talked a lot about his own dogs, since I’ve seen a couple of them on the show. And finally, a lot of checklists are included in the book, which are super helpful when I want to look back at this book for the key points.

Some notes I took when I was reading:

  • We need to have calm assertive energy and transfer that type of energy into our dogs. Each dog has their own energy level, and choosing a dog with the same energy level as you is important.
  • When a new puppy is first introduced to the home, restrict how much access they have, and start training them immediately. Structure is part of the foundation to a dog’s freedom.
  • Sounds and touches are important in training: represent disapproval and approval with simple sounds, and touch the puppy as its mother would.
  • Every dog needs exercise, discipline, and affection… in that order.
  • Early spaying and neutering is very beneficial to the health of the dog.
  • Dogs go through being teenagers too! Be consistent and patient.


I don’t really know how to recommend How to Raise the Perfect Dog without the ability to say, “I got two puppies and used Cesar’s advice for one, and that’s the one that turned out well!” But I think this book will be very useful for new dog owners who don’t want their pet to be their “baby”. I know I’m definitely going to hold onto this book for future reference, since all the lessons are very well laid out chronologically, and the content is easy to understand. And OK FINE HERE’S A PUPPY GIF.

Do you have a dog?
How do you feel about training a pet?


7 thoughts on “Review: How to Raise the Perfect Dog by Cesar Millan

    • Ahaha I think you’re stuck with your obnoxious teenage dog! 😛 This book doesn’t really help correct certain behaviors, but Cesar’s show, Dog Whisperer, does. A ton of the episodes are actually on Youtube if you have spare time and want to take a look!

      • lol he’s not too bad, I think he’s still just young yet, and since he’s a border collie he is SO FULL OF ENERGY ALL THE TIME and sometimes he does stuff like chew up a half-dozen of my Trixie Belden books….

          • !!!!!!!! I know, right??? For a while, I was keeping up a tumblr just for Waylon ( so if you need more Waylon pics, you should check it out even though I haven’t updated it in forever. He’s a lanky six-month-old now, full of trouble but so stinkin’ cute it just doesn’t matter! 😀

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