Paper Puffs (45): September Recap

newsWHAT where did September go?!! Things that happened in September: I woke up to darkness and rain and gloom, and decided to motivate myself by reading books before I headed off to work. I started to curate holiday/birthday gifts for my friends because I’ve gotten Christmas gifts from them the last few years, but didn’t have time to send out gifts. I became less obsessed with peanut butter (GASP!) and more obsessed with popcorn. Also, I’m trying new things with the blog (like with this recap) – even after 2 years of blogging (okay, probably less because of haitus and breaks), I’m still experimenting lol. 😋




For the first time (but not the last!), I’ll share the books that I did not finish reading. RIP, books.



Because, y’know, I’m listening to music when I’m not reading books. (I’ve got plenty of time to do both when I’m running lab experiments, surprisingly!)

How did your September go?
What books did you read this month?
What books are you looking forward to reading in October?


11 thoughts on “Paper Puffs (45): September Recap

  1. Yay Sophie! Sounds to me like you had a great reading month! 😀 I read a bit more than I usually do – I read 6 books (beats my average of 5, haha!) – but it was a good reading month for me. 😀 I hope October will be a good month for both of us!

    And I hope to finish all the books I am currently reading now (cryinngggg because one of them is so boring), and also read Heir of Fire (maybeee) since everyone is reading Queen of Shadows at the moment. What books are you looking forward to? 😀

    • Woohoo, good job on your September reads, CW! 👍 Yes, I’m excited for October – looking forward to starting Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen and My Year of Running Dangerously by Tom Foreman. I still have a ton of books that I’m currently reading, so I don’t want to start too many books in October, although I know some other books will sneak in there anyway. 😛 (Naomi Novik’s Uprooted snuck in there without my permission a few days ago… eek!)

      You can do this!!! If it’s too boring, you should just DNF haha. If that’s not an option, maybe put it on pause and continue it when you regain interest in it? Good luck!

      • Thanks Sophie!! ❤ ❤

        I've heard of Uprooted! Everyone is saying that it's super good, so now I'm super curious, hehe! Thank you for the encouragement; good luck to you too! 😀

        Maybe! I might have to break my no-DNF policy for once… but we shall see! 😀

    • *shifts eyes* Uh… I think my body is rebelling against me? Although, food update, I’m starting to be over popcorn now and craving peanuts. It’s probably because I just binge-snack on one thing each time, so I get tired of them quickly. 😳

      • Mmm, I do like peanuts. Have you ever tried eating frozen nuts? (Lol to that sentence.) I much prefer eating almonds, peanuts, cashews, etc. frozen, but maybe I’m sure. I’m not sure I could ever get sick of peanut butter for good. My dad made me (and himself) a pb&j for lunch every day from kindergarten through 12th grade, and there was only a brief period when I didn’t want to eat them. 😀

        • WOAHHH wait I’ve never eaten them frozen! Stupid question, but can you still bite into them easily? Do they taste any different? LOL my dad did that same lunch routine for us, except with cheese. I feel your pain.

          • Yeah, they’re still plenty soft, but I prefer the texture. I think it brings out the buttery flavor. The same goes for cookies and cookie bars – freezing them makes them taste deliciously buttery.

  2. Wow, peanut butter = fave and popcorn = MOST FAVE. So it’s not like you can go wrong with this trend! And as an aside, Waylon also loves popcorn, like a lot. We snack on it together. 😀

    • Glad you approve! And AHHH does Waylon love popcorn more than peanut butter? For some reason I thought peanut butter was like the catnip for dogs, haha.

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