Mini Reviews: Pegasus in Flight & Crystal Singer by Anne McCaffrey

Behold, science fiction upon science fiction upon science fiction! (As in: Sophie reads quicker than she reviews, so here are mini reviews because she can’t keep up with all the books.) These Anne McCaffrey stories are not amazing, but are pretty good. They definitely have an 80’s feel to them, haha.

Pegasus in Flight

Title: Pegasus in Flight
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Series: The Talent #2
Publication Date: 1990
Category: (Adult Fiction) Science Fiction

Years have gone by since To Ride Pegasus, and Daffyd op Owen’s granddaughter, telepath Rhyssa, is now in charge of The First Center for Parapsychics (“The Center”). This story showcases the current state of affairs in the world, such as the beginning of implementation of a space center, the increasing importance of Talents to society, and the the hidden potential of Talents. The two main characters in this story, twelve-year-old Tirla and fourteen-year-old Peter, have unique talents that are fascinating to read about. The drawback in this story, however, is that the stories of Tirla and Peter are completely discrete for a long period of time until the storylines join, and it felt like I was reading two different stories (which I was, I guess)… this is one of those books that I picked up for the cover and the author, and my expectations exceeded reality. But still a good read.

Crystal Singer

Anne McCaffrey does it again! Crystal Singer has an amazing premise – people with perfect pitch can find crystals that can be used to power communication systems across the galaxy – and breath-taking adventures. This is pretty old-school sci-fi, and the parts that I didn’t like (such as the romance and the lack of connecting with the protagonist’s thoughts and emotions) were overshadowed by the engrossing, risky adventures that Killashandra Ree, our protagonist, takes. I still can’t get a good feel for Killashandra’s personality, as McCaffrey has put the focus on the plot and the world-building, so I’m not sure if I like her enough to read the next story.


9 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Pegasus in Flight & Crystal Singer by Anne McCaffrey

  1. I have been on a McCaffrey KICK lately… been working through the Pern books for quite some time, but for some reason, the one I just finished (“Dragonsdawn”) has really inspired me, and now I’m tearing through “Renegades of Pern” as well. Can’t stop!

      • haha, yes, as with all epic series, there are some that I like better than others, but reading them all in published order has been super nifty. I’m actually getting ready to use some of my birthday money to start collecting some used copies from ebay?? Sometime, I would like to go back and read them in chronological order. Like, I’m pretty passionate about published order for a first-time read, but I think there could be a lot to the story reading them chronologically (ish) at a later date.

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  3. Wow, I thought I’d read all of McCaffrey’s series, but I haven’t read either of these! Since it doesn’t sound like you love either of these, I think I’ll probably not make a point to get to them to soon, but I would like to revisit McCaffrey sometime 🙂

    • Yeah, I picked these up mostly because of the covers, haha. 😛 I really like her Catteni series (which starts with Freedom’s Landing) as well as the Pern universe stuff I’ve read so far (the Harper Hall trilogy, mainly) – do you have any favorites?

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