Mini Reviews: Mile Markers & Faster, Higher, Stronger

My (somewhat short-lived) obsession with running has led to the desire to read more books about running and fitness. These two books are ones I’ve read during the highest peak of my obsession, so I think back on them with a lot of positive feelings. 🙂 (And just to clarify, I’m no longer obsessed with running in that I’m not constantly looking up running shoes I want to buy, but I still enjoy running very much! Yay for habit-formation!)

Mile Markers


Kristin Armstrong, a contributing editor for Runner’s World shows off a collection of stories that highlights why women run. She tackles a number of themes, such as confidence, fear, kids, gratitude, and friendship. This collection is very similar to her Runner’s World column (also called “Mile Markers”) which I had been reading already, but I still admire Armstrong’s writing style a lot – it borders right between the material and the spiritual in a way that flows effortlessly, and really fills a void in the running mindset. The way she talks about running is the way I would’ve thought about yoga, and it’s interesting to gain such a new perspective on running.

By the time I finish, my head and heart are clear. I am sweaty. I am awake. I am grateful. I am re-centered. I have a plan and the energy to enact it. I am now ready to start my day.

Thank God for running — for the endurance to keep up with our lives.

Faster, Higher, Stronger


This is the book that I lent my dad and he wouldn’t give it back to me, so that’s why it took me so long to finish reading it, haha. 😅 Higher, Faster, Strong is a great mix of science, technology, history, and sports, and it’s super understandable (although that doesn’t mean simple – my dad started talking about anaerobic metabolism and the lactate threshold in great detail after reading it!). I really enjoyed learning about the newest advances in sports science and sports medicine, as well as getting exposure to the physiologic needs of different types of sports and the top researchers and athletes in each sport. Great read for anyone wanting to learn about what makes athletes great and how our bodies work.

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