Review: Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder

Storm Glass

Gasp, a love triangle that I actually ENJOYED?! (Well, okay, “enjoyed” might be too strong of a word. Maybe “didn’t make me want to tear my hair out” is a more accurate feeling.) This isn’t the first Maria V. Snyder book I’ve read, and this won’t be my last – Storm Glass is action-packed and so engrossing that I just want to keep reading more! The characters, the plot, and the world-building are all fantastic, although there are moments when I didn’t like certain characters or certain events. But at the end of the day, my pros list is definitely longer than my cons list for this book, and I’m excited to find out what happens next!

Title: Storm Glass
Author: Maria V. Snyder
Series: Glass #1
Publication Date: May 1, 2009
Category: (Young Adult) Fantasy


Nineteen-year-old Opal Cowen is a glassmaker who is training to be a magician at the Keep. Right before she finishes her training, she is sent to help the Stormdance Clan discover why their glass orbs are shattering… for when a glass orb shatters, a Stormdancer is killed. Along the way, Opal meets the aloof yet magnetic Stormdancer, Kade, as well as the charming and handsome young glassmaker, Ulrick, among other friends and foes who stand between her and the truth. The glass orb mission is only the start of a bigger journey though, and Opal will need to face her past in order to move forward into the future.


Author notes: Snyder has included an intro on why she chose Opal to be the next protagonist, why glass, and why weather, along with some research notes at the end about how she names characters and her experience taking a glassmaking workshop. I really liked these notes because they felt like I’m reading a blog – there’s plenty of emoticons, double-question-marks (??), and real author talk.

Plot: I don’t even remember if I read all of the Study series, but certain details would have been better if I still remembered the characters and outcomes of that particular series since Opal’s story really starts in that series. However, even without those details, Snyder gives enough information about the backstory such that I could still follow the plot and enjoy the story. The feeling I get from this book (as well as previous Snyder books I’ve read) is that there are so many small action-packed scenes and resolutions that lead to the BIG action-packed scene and resolution, and it feels like a LIFETIME has gone by until we reach the main purpose of the plot. I remember being 1/10 of the way into the book and being like, WHAT THERE’S MORE because so much had happened already! If something can be fast and slow at the same time, this is it.

Characters: Opal’s first-person narrative is a good mix of introspection and outward observation. I liked reading about the story through her eyes, though it’s obviously a very subjective experience; as pointed out by another character later on in the story, Opal’s idea of how she acts in front of others greatly differs from how others really see her. The trait that I like most about Opal is that she’s willing to admit her weaknesses and change her way of thinking so that it benefits both herself and others.

Relationships: I really liked all of Opal’s interactions with the secondary characters. The Boys are as different as can be (which is kind of stereotypical), and Opal does try to engage both of them at different points in the story. But guess what? I didn’t feel annoyed! I think it might be the way the relationships developed (no love-at-first-sight here!) or how Opal allocated her own feelings (Boy A isn’t interested? Fine, I’ll focus on Boy B), or maybe the fact that the romance doesn’t overpower the storyline.

Feelings: At times, heart-wrenching. Because Opal has been through a lot (from the Study series), and her past (which includes death and torture themes) still follows her into this book. I think it’s less horrifying than the Study series, although still pretty bad.


Storm Glass feels like a new start (for both Opal and for me!). Opal’s story is super action-packed, and there are both moments that touched me and moments that terrified me… it’s hard to find a book that makes you feel so much in just a span of a few hours/pages, but Storm Glass is one of those. I’m definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the Glass series.

Have you read Storm Glass or other Maria V. Snyder books?
Do you feel like some books just go on and on and on?
Are you a fan of love triangles?


3 thoughts on “Review: Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder

  1. I’ve generally enjoyed Snyder’s other books, so I’ll probably eventually pick this up as well. A love triangle I don’t hate seems to be about the best I can hope for 🙂

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