2016 Read Tamora Pierce Challenge (FANGIRL ALERT!)

Tamora Pierce ChallengeI’ve ranted about my love for TP before (but in a more philosophical way), so imagine my utter joy when I found out that there are other TP fans in the online book community! Nori, another huge TP fan, is doing a Read Tamora Pierce Challenge in 2016, and she has kindly shared her challenge with the rest of us Internet dwellers. What this means is that there will be a good amount of Tamora Pierce here over the next few months, starting this month. TP fans, come forth and celebrate with me! 🎉🎉🎉

My personal goal for this challenge is to review all major Tamora Pierce books by the end of 2016. I’ll update this post with my progress. I also want to generate some TP-related discussion (but not necessarily TP-centric), such as what constitutes good heroines in fiction, imaginary casting for TP movie adaptations, fanart(!!!), if-you-like-TP-books-you’ll-also-like-these-other-books, etc. etc. etc.


☐ Beka Cooper trilogy
☑ Song of the Lioness quartet
☐ The Immortals quartet
☑ Protector of the Small quartet
☐ Daughter of the Lioness series
☑ Tortall and Other Lands anthology

☑ Circle of Magic quartet
☑ The Circle Opens quartet
☐ The Circle Reforged series

For new TP readers – welcome! Please join Nori’s challenge and get ready for some potentially life-changing moments! Here are some Tamora Pierce resources for you to get started:

For old TP readers – Goddess bless you all! If you aren’t already aware of TP fanart or other unofficial TP stuff… HERE YOU GO. But I’ll let you find the fanfiction on your own.

What are you waiting for? Go read TP!


3 thoughts on “2016 Read Tamora Pierce Challenge (FANGIRL ALERT!)

  1. Yay, this makes me so happy! Hopefully there will be lots of new fans by the end of the year. I just finished my yearly listen of Alanna: The First Adventure, and it never gets old.

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