Reviews (OLD)

I schedule my books via my own weird system of dividing up genres/categories/feels, so depending on how I feel each week, I might rant about a romance on Sunday one week and gush about a mystery on Monday the next. (Clicking on each category leads you to books I’ve reviewed in that category, so this doubles as a “search via genre” page… have fun!)



The Oldies stamp that appears on some of my reviews indicates books that I read when I was younger that I’ve either never ever reread or that I’ve reread to pieces. BUT I know I love (or loved) them, so I want to share! This idea was inspired by the wonderful Christine‘s Throwback Thursdays and Angie‘s Retro Fridays.

cdnslThe Canadian stamp indicates books written by Canadian authors or set in Canada. It’s just my way of showing love for my fellow Canadians and my attempt to finally read more “Canadian books,” if you will. 🙂