Review: Fever by Robin Cook

FeverThe characters in Fever ruined this book. Fever had an interesting premise that tied in medical and environmental issues, but all the characters were selfish and impulsive (maybe Cook was going for “realistic”? I don’t even know), and I felt like a helpless bystander who couldn’t do anything to rectify the many things that went wrong. It also didn’t help that Cook exposed the characters’ every single thought, since that just made me hate them even more. And even though the ending made me like the characters a teeny weeny bit more, it also felt rushed and unrealistic.Read More »

Review: Gemini by Carol Cassella


Gemini is a bittersweet blend of mystery and realistic fiction. Cassella deftly delves into two poignant tales that converge in the end to a truth that salvages both stories as well as both protagonists. Although I question parts of the plot and feel a bit unsatisfied with the ending, Gemini effectively evokes memories of childhood and the troubles of adulthood, tying together the past and present in a neat little package.

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