Paper Puffs (41)

newsI’m still alive (barely)! Sorry for the sudden two-months-away-from-books-and-blogging thing – I forgot to prep myself and you guys for the chaos that is Grad School Year Two. 😳 I just went through my comps, which is basically a test that encompassed all the coursework I took these 1.5 years (and now I have quals to look forward to in a few months but I still have a few months right?), made my first poster, writing my first paper, and trying to stay afloat. The struggle is too real!

What kept me going this month: running (while listening to audiobooks, more on this in a later post); drinking the all-powerful cold buster (aka lemon, honey, and ginger tea!); #timetoread with this book; PEANUT BUTTER; and the anticipation of coming back to THIS. Knowing that I can reconnect with my fellow book-lovers and the community is an awesome feeling! I have a lot of catching up to do, and I can’t post as consistently as last year, but I’ll make the best of the free time that I have, haha.

Oh oh oh, and I finished the 2014 Rewind Challenge!!! I don’t feel like such a book challenge failure now, hah. (Although I still have to post up reviews for 2 books on this list, but I read them in time, didn’t I??) 🙌




Do you have any interesting news that you want to share? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “Paper Puffs (41)

  1. HI SOPHIE! 😀 I’m so glad you’re still powering well through grad school 🙂 As for e-readers being the bane of sleep, I can sort of believe that but yeah, like you said, tests were made with iPads and not e-readers that have e-ink displays. It’ll take many more studies to come to a proper conclusion.

    • Hi Joséphine!!! 😀 I’m still powering through, despite some setbacks haha. Agreed with the e-readers bit – I thought the purpose of “real” e-readers was to make it more similar to paper so that it doesn’t disrupt sleep / wreak havoc on the eyes / etc!

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